Falkensteiner Classic Collection – Welcome Home since 1957

Picture of Carmen Peintner
Carmen Peintner
A South Tyrolean through and through, she embodies the "Dolce Vita" lifestyle like no other. Far away from pizza, pasta and aperitifs, her energy knows no bounds. Her happy dances on the beach, on the mountain or in Falkyland are infectious.

Falkensteiner now already has 30 hotels. What started with a small guesthouse in South Tyrol has been expanded and extended. However, the connection to the homeland was never lost, which can be found in all Falkensteiner Classic Collection Hotels.

Mountain, sea, city – simply feel good

Falkensteiner has spread far and wide and is now for many a term that is associated with quality, friendliness, and vacation. Whether you want to vacation on the beach, by the sea, or in the city, Falkensteiner offers all locations and warmly welcomes you.

Classic Collection – what does it mean?

The Falkensteiner Classic Collection consists of 4-star and 4-star S-Hotels, where the Falkensteiner standard is 100% met. The best relaxation is ensured in each of these hotels. The Falkensteiner Acquapura Spa area invites guests to recharge their batteries and enjoy new experiences and moments of pleasure. A fitness area is also available to let off steam. The hotels are always adapted to the nature of the environment and so are the products that are processed and cooked. The cuisine also offers a variety and you can feel the passion and love behind the preparation.

There’s no place like home – and there’s even more at Falkensteiner

The friendliness and courtesy of the staff should make guests feel at home. At home, where you feel good, where you sleep best and Falkensteiner wants to offer this experience also in the hotels, only with a little more pampering and without having to clean or cook yourself! If that were the case forever, what a dream that would be! 😉

Home is where Falkensteiner is – and here are some examples of that:

  • Falkensteiner Hotel Sonnenalpe
  • Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Carinzia
  • Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Falkensteinerhof
  • Falkensteiner Hotel Adriana

Life is better with Falkensteiner!

Tauche ein und finde...

Dive in and find...