Destination Love Mariánské Lázně

Mariánské Lázne? Where is that actually and can I experience anything there? Of course! Mariánské Lázne is a town in the west of the Czech Republic and is located close to the border with Germany. And what you can do and see there, you will find out in this article:

The healing power of the springs

Mariánské Lázne is known for its variety of mineral and medicinal springs, the town can offer more than 40 of them. What makes it special is that the springs, no matter how close together, have different chemical compositions. One of the most important springs is the “Cross Spring“. From a chemical point of view, it belongs to the Salnic-alkaline-Muriatic acidulous waters. What does this mean exactly? The water of this spring is strongly mineralized and tastes salty when drunk. This is said to help with digestive and metabolic disorders.

Another source is the so-called “forest spring“. This can be found in a pavilion in a forest park. It is said to help with respiratory diseases and other ailments. Then there is the “Marian Spring”, from which Mariánské Lázne takes its name. From this spring mainly healing gas is taken, which is used for dry gas baths and gas injections.

If you would like to learn more about the various healing springs, you can find out more about them here.


One of the main attractions of Mariánské Lázne is clearly the singing fountain. Of course, this immediately raises the question of how fountains can sing. Well, this fountain plays every odd hour, matching the water spectacle, classical music of famous artists such as Beethoven or Celine Dion. If one comes at the right time, around 21 or 22 o’clock, the spectacle gets additionally colored lighting. That looks really spectacular – great for a souvenir picture.

Explore the Czech Republic in one day?

Sounds like an impossible challenge. Well, in Marienbad the impossible becomes possible in the beautiful “Park Boheminium”. It offers a miniature landscape on the eastern edge of Mariánské Lázne where more than 60 buildings and monuments of the Czech Republic can be admired. The Hamelika observation tower is also worth a visit. It offers a beautiful view of the whole city. If you want to see more history, you should visit the Main Colonnade.
Those who want to spend a romantic holiday should not miss the Glatzer See. In the middle of a shady spruce forest, the wooden pavements and the beautiful flora invite you to take a long walk.


Fancy a bit of culture? The Municipal Theatre, the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra, and the Slava cinema are waiting for you! The Municipal Theatre has a 150-year history and offers its guests a large repertoire of fairytale music and theatre performances.

If it should be something sporty

In summer Mariánské Lázne offers many sports activities: Cycling, golf, horseback riding, hiking, but also archery are just some of the activities on offer. A highlight is the Royal Golf Club, which is modeled on the classic type of Irish and Scottish golf courses.
Also in winter Mariánské Lázn? offers several opportunities to practice various sports. Mariánské Lázn? offers a 1,600-metre-long ski area called “Mariánky”, but you can also go cross-country skiing on 90 kilometres of prepared tracks. In the winter stadium, you can not only go ice skating yourself, but also watch the training of the ice hockey club HC Mariánské Lázně.

Tours to experience something

Those interested in the springs of Mariánské Lázne should consider taking the Metternich route. With a length of 4.5 km, the hike leads you through the woods to the Bear Spring. This spring not only gushes out of a log but is also reddish in color. What else you can experience on this route, you can find here.
Have you just visited the “Park Boheminium” and still not had enough for today? No problem! Because behind the park there is an enclosure with human-friendly fallow deer. From here the nature trail “Kurwälder” leads to the Pirate Spring and ends at the Prelat Spring. On this path, you can not only learn a lot but in the end, there is a playground for children to let off steam.

Mariánské Lázne also offers some tours that are perfect for cycling. All the routes lead to places where you can either discover one of the famous springs of Mariánské Lázne or marvel at one or the other of the town’s sights.

And when a long day full of experiences in and around Mariánské Lázne comes to an end, the Falkensteiner Spa Resort Marienbad offers the perfect place to end it all in a relaxed manner. Bath cures, massages, and wellness treatments, as well as the health-promoting wellness vitality cuisine, perfectly round off the holiday experience in the spa resort of Marienbad.

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