Aquarius traveling – travel horoscope for 2022

When I think of astrology or stargazing, a particularly distinctive voice immediately comes to mind – eh, of course, that of Gerda Rogers. At the beginning of each year, she reveals to us the great annual horoscope by looking at the constellation of the stars. So that all 12 members of the zodiac know what they can expect in terms of, love, health & profession of the year – I mean’ let’s be honest, how else should you adjust to a new year! ???? In addition to the classic horoscope has developed over the years still a travel horoscope from it. Here, the characteristics & traits of the zodiac signs are used to highlight their travel behavior and destinations particularly suitable for them. Since we are already in the month of Aquarius, we start our new Travitude section: Travel Horoscope 2022 also immediately with this.


Before we start with the recommended destinations, here is some basic astrological knowledge about Aquarius. Some of you will have found these characteristics on one or the other sugar packet or from the annual horoscope of any lifestyle media – I have to admit, even if I believe only conditionally in it all – I still like to read it ???? And somehow you usually identify with it:

STRENGTHS: creative & resourceful, sociable types with a large circle of friends, optimistic being with spiritual tendencies.
WEAKNESSES: stubborn behavior, often need distance in relationships, headstrong & unconventional, changeable
CHARACTERISTICS: freedom-loving – according to the motto “I want to dance, fly & float” and with his sense of justice, he is usually committed to “worse off” – support of other people in the foreground.

When I read it like this, I can confirm everything super well – of course, everything in different manifestations, but it already has its justification. ????


As a travel type, Aquarius definitely falls into the category of “variety-hungry pleasure traveler” – in his free time and especially on vacation, the zodiac sign wants to experience new things, on the one hand, discover unusual corners, coupled with a lot of relaxation & enjoyment. For the Aquarius, the travel destinations do not always have to be far away – but in order to arouse his interest, they should definitely bring an unusual touch. Yes, not too ordinary.


CUBA // the small island nation has a lot to offer, like exploring the lively city of Havana and the general retro-chic style of the entire island. You immediately feel transported to another time here – which triggers a certain fascination. The perfect base for relaxing on the beach and exploring the island.

PARIS // Vibrant cities like this are especially to the taste of the Aquarius. What counts here is variety, the gathering of many new impressions, but then again the pleasure component. Relaxed strolling through the artistic quarters or simply spending the morning with coffee & croissant in a petite café.

CROATIA // whether pure relaxation in the sunshine on the beach or exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as the surrounding national parks. The destination also lends itself super well to a road trip, such as the famous Jadranska Magistrala route. It doesn’t get more individual than this.

ICELAND ROUND TRIP // Destinations that exude a certain uniqueness are a favorite of Aquarius – especially such mystical and historic countries as Viking Land. Waterfalls, volcanoes, and icebergs – spectacular natural gems are standard here.

HAMBURG // the port city in northern Germany is a “closer” destination but offers plenty of attractions that reflect the Aquarius way of traveling. Entertainment and convivial nights on the Reeperbahn, art & culture in the Elbphilharmonie and the culinary delights of the North Sea. Hamburg is also wonderful to explore by boat.



Now I know the appropriate destinations for my zodiac sign, and I have to say, “Yes please – in that exact order!” In fact, these are all destinations that are definitely on my bucket list – a good melange of wide beaches, rocky cliffs, lively cities, and the charms of the far north. Now if you’re thinking, nice for the Aquarians, but would love to know about my zodiac sign – don’t panic we’ll introduce you to all the remaining 11 zodiac signs in the coming months – so stay tuned!  ✌️

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