Reasons why you should plan your 2023 summer holiday now

Sunshine, sunshine reggae! Well, who of you is already longing for our sunny and always radiant friend, the ever-popular summer? We certainly do – and that is despite all our winter and spring love! But let’s be honest: who doesn’t look forward to those moments of sipping tequila sunrise and relaxing by the sea on the Italian Riviera? Or strolling through a still-unknown city or diving in Austria’s lakes? As you can see, we would love to pack our bags right away. We, therefore, give you a few very good reasons to plan your summer holiday 2023 already now.

1) The last real summer holiday was far too long ago.

Well, are we right? One look at your no longer so noble pallor and the dusty sun cream tubes reveals: Yes, it’s been far too long since your last summer holiday! Reason enough to pick up your (probably equally dusty) desk globe, close your eyes, and find a new travel destination with your finger. The randomly chosen country doesn’t ring a bell? While browsing through documentaries and travel guides, you can not only brush up on your rusty geography knowledge but also gather lots of holiday inspiration.

2) You have plenty of time to plan

Speaking of motivation until next summer: you can make the most of it to prepare perfectly for your big beach appearance in Croatia, Italy, or maybe even Austria. A good book, the right Instagram filters, a new beach bag, trendy sunglasses, a little “pre-tan” from Coin Mallorca…one thing is for sure:

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to your next summer holiday. That’s reason enough to start planning now and start looking forward to summer 2023.

3) The Caribbean is not that far away

Why wander far and wide? See, good things are so close! This is especially true for a wonderful summer holiday. You don’t have to save up thousands of euros and spend a whole day traveling to enjoy deep blue waters, Instagram-worthy sunsets, and delicious food. In fact, with the almost innumerable lakes in Austria and endless coasts in Italy and Croatia, dream summer holiday spots are right on our doorstep. So as you can see, you don’t have to look that far afield for a summer beach holiday that also looks good.

4) Summertime is family time

If you’re going on a trip, you can’t do it without your family? Perfect! Because thanks to the summer holidays, nothing stands in the way of your plans. Whether with kids or young adults: Summer is all about family time, with plenty of opportunities to spend time together. But even those of you who cringe nervously at the sound of children and wild hide-and-seek sessions on holiday can breathe a sigh of relief: great (and less childish) holiday opportunities also open up in the early and late seasons outside the school holidays.

5) If you book now, you will benefit from early booking bonuses

Of course also with us! If you book a holiday in the summer months in one of our selected Falkensteiner hotels by the sea or in the mountains now, you will receive a discount of up to 25% until 15 February 2023 with the Falkensteiner early booking bonus. And even if the summer holiday goes according to the motto “nothing is’ fixed”, there is still the possibility to cancel the holiday free of charge up to 28 days before arrival for all bookings – thanks to the Early Booking Bonus Flex!

Since your well-being is also very important to us during your summer holiday, there is also “Easy Protect“!

But if that was too fast or too much information, you can read it all again here: All information about the Falkensteiner early booking bonus!

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