The forest as an oasis of well-being

Shinrin Yoku – The forest as an oasis of well-being

Shinrin Yoku means in English as much as “taking a bath in the forest atmosphere” and is the wellness trend for stressed, urban souls. Forest bathing is not a new invention, in Japan, Shirin Yoku has been practiced and promoted since the 1980s, before the hype arrived in Europe.

How does bathing in the forest function?

The term of “forest bathing” tries to initially mislead us as the trend from Japan has nothing to do with classical bathing. No lake, no source:  For Shinrin Yoku, you literally bathe in the forest.

Targeted techniques help to create during forest bathing our very own connection to nature. Scientific studies prove the positive influence of the forest on our nerves, immune and hormone system. Stress hormones are broken down and the pulse slows noticeably. The bond with nature is immediately noticeable when suddenly it becomes quiet around you, the soft smell of fresh green rises in the nose, you feel the soft forest floor under your feet, leaning with composure on an old strong tree as well as perceiving and absorbing the power and energy of nature with all senses.

Time out? Meditation? Slowing down?

Today, when the longing for origin, naturalness, peace and serenity grows ever greater, we return to our very roots and wish to be more connected with nature. We need a break from big city life, a break from the meetings and distance from the media and smartphone. This is exactly where forest bathing starts and teaches us how to fulfill the need for rest and fresh air.

Moreover, best of all, anyone can practice Shinrin Yoku, any time of the year and  anywhere they have the opportunity to retreat into a beautiful and tranquil piece of nature or forest. It does not need any devices or complicated techniques, just the willingness to let go, to open your awareness for what is around and living around you and to absorb the beneficial effects of the forest with all your senses.

If you feel like trying out Shinrin Yoku but you do not want to do it without coaching, then you have the opportunity to do so at the Falkensteiner Hotel & Grand MedSpa in Marienbad. Immerse yourself in the  forest oasis of well-being!

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