These 5 tips will make your sleep a pleasure

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Claudia Apel
Team Katze, selten offline. Mit viel Leidenschaft und wenig Planung bereist sie die Welt - seit 2017 ganz offiziell als Familie. Daher weiß sie, dass das Reisen mit Kleinkind manchmal mehr als Ortswechsel zu verstehen ist. Entspannung kommt dann später.

Just drift off, dive into a dream, and wake up deeply relaxed – sometimes this sounds very much like wishful thinking. Because falling asleep is often impossible. Lying awake puts a strain on the body and mind and affects the performance and energy level of the following day. Since this sounds like a mood of doom, but we don’t want to let it come up, we have collected 5 tips for better sleep!

Dark and quiet

Falling asleep while the sun blinds your face that this is no fun, the Swedes have already realized. Falling asleep while the subway thunders by every five minutes is a new challenge for all city dwellers every day. As banal as it sounds, darkness and silence are extremely important for sleeping. Even if we are not directly aware of it, our brain also reacts to external stimuli when we fall asleep. Light, for example, suppresses the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, and the fact that noise keeps us awake more than it has a soporific effect is something we don’t have to think about a second time.

Relaxation as a ritual

Sleep can be prepared. Relaxation techniques such as yoga in the evening, regeneration through meditation, or a walk in the fresh air can help. But also the well-known honey milk helps to reach the right level of rest before going to bed. Rituals help to increase the feel-good factor, and if that’s right, falling asleep is also a great thing.

All a matter of rhythm

Although it is tempting to stay awake longer or go to bed earlier, those who stick to their sleep rhythm find it easier to fall asleep. As boring as it sounds when the look at the clock says it’s time now, you should stick to it for a good night’s sleep. A little tip in passing: A nap in the afternoon may sound cosy, but it also helps to get your body out of its inner rhythm.

From power on to power off

The word “exhausting” does not just come from somewhere. After all, sport is the ideal way to tire yourself out! However, it is important to take care not to move too late. (Unless it’s a short walk that never hurts!) If you plan to do sports until about four hours before going to bed, you will even make sure that the deep sleep phase is promoted. So sports, yes, but not too late!

Put away digital gadgets

Yes, it is often not easy to put the smartphone or laptop out of your hand. However, these are two wake-up calls. The blue light they emit prevents the production of the sleep hormone. It is therefore better to switch off the electronic devices and read a book, for example, instead. And honestly, who doesn’t like to get carried away by a good story? But it shouldn’t be too exciting after all.

With these 5 tips, falling asleep will be much better. Sleep itself becomes a phase of recovery and the next day you will start off full of energy.

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