A bath in the forest – a unique place of power in the midst of nature

Elena Grundner
Elena Grundner
Aufgewachsen im malerischen Leogang wurde Elena ihre Passion zum Tourismus in die Wiege gelegt. Trotz der Heimatliebe zieht es sie immer wieder hinaus in die weite Welt, um neue Abenteuer zu erleben oder besser gesagt Konzerte der ehemaligen Mitglieder von One Direction zu besuchen. Wenn sie nicht gerade lauthals bei den Songs mitsingt, schlendert Elena gerne durch Museen und probiert neue Restaurants und Bars aus – außer an Formel 1-Wochenenden ist sie immer für jeden Spaß zu haben.

You can feel it immediately when you are deep inside a forest – the fresh air, the pleasant smell of the trees and the soft forest floor under your feet. This is where we recharge our batteries in a very special way. Moments in nature feel like a holiday and allow us to take a little break from everyday life. We’ll tell you why that is and what the forest bathing trend is all about!

What is forest bathing and where does it come from?

To put it simply, forest bathing, also known as Shinrin Yoku, is a walk through the forest. The origins of this trend lie in Japan, where it was first scientifically researched. The special thing about it, however, is to consciously walk through the forest, take in the different shades of green, breathe in the fresh air deeply and come back to yourself. How you do this is up to you – a gentle hike, meditation or simply standing and feeling the ground.

The effect of the forest

You’re probably wondering now: Does it really do any good?

And yes, studies have already proven that spending time in the forest has positive effects on our health. On the one hand, the immune system and metabolic function are strengthened and, on the other, the pulse rate drops. But our psychological and mental health also benefits. The essential oils and the special light conditions can alleviate anxiety, anger and chronic pain and ensure greater vitality and general well-being. A break in the forest is therefore not only a break from stressful everyday life, but also a real remedy.

Forest bathing at Falkensteiner

For all those who are already forest bathing fans or would like to try it out, we offer this at the Falkensteiner Spa Resort Marienbad and the Falkensteiner Genuss & Wohlfühlhotel Mühlviertel. In Bohemia, we combine the mindfulness exercises with selected treatments and natural Marienbad remedies and deepen the effects of Shinrin Yoku. Experience the beneficial effects for yourself and feel the power of the elements. Or discover the Mühlviertel from a completely new perspective with our forest bathing instructor and consciously perceive yourself and everything around you. For all adventurers, we recommend exploring the moorland forests on your own.

Why not try it out for yourself! Whether in the nearest forest on a mindful walk or in one of our Falkensteiner Hotels under professional guidance – take the time to do something good for yourself.

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