6 funny carnival costumes for the whole family

Soon, with Rosenmontag and Faschingsdienstag, the climax of the carnival season will be reached! You don’t have a costume yet and don’t really know what to dress up as? Don’t worry – we’ll show you the coolest ideas from the web to try out yourself with the whole family. Let the colorful family costumes inspire you!





Green Martians, dazzling space girls, and daring astronauts – outer space offers all kinds of inspiration for the most diverse characters.




From the burger bar to Mexican with taco, avocado, and siracha, to the sugary sweet ice cream stand – we can’t get enough of these costumes.





From ringmaster to lion tamer, from tightrope walker to the strongest man in the world – we love the circus and all its many faces. Just don’t argue about the roles!

101 Dalmatian Dogs




Okay, admittedly: you probably won’t have quite that many kids to dress up. ????

Still, a great costume idea for large families or if you want to team up with friends for a group costume.





Disney, Pixar, but also old fairy tales – many more family movies and children’s books are an excellent source of inspiration for your carnival costumes.

Did you recognize them all?

lǝıɹɐ ,ǝllınoʇɐʇɐɹ ,uıppɐlɐ :ƃunsölɟnɐ





Do you remember the children’s books of the same name? Here, Waldo, his wife Wilma, his dog Woof, the wizard Whitebeard and Walter’s evil double Terwal had to be discovered in the colorful hidden object pictures. The advantage of this costume idea: it is really easy to implement, blue jeans and striped shirts remain usable all year round.

Have fun dressing up!

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