5 ideas for a memorable family night out

I must admit it. If there’s one thing this strange period has taught me, it’s to value moments, even the smallest and “obvious” ones. I used to talk about this with my family: you grow up, unfortunately, fortunately.

You have a family of your own, now, maybe, you even have one, and, chasing your goals, you can find yourself miles and miles from home, fighting for the conquest of a little time to spend all together. And when you have that time, here come new interests, new commitments, new chores to do. Time with the family thus becomes a unique opportunity, a significant moment, almost a rebellion against statistics in order to get back in close contact with what, to use a term from the animal world (of which we are part), is our natural habitat.

It is to this climate of naturalness and spontaneity that we belong and therefore, I would say, there is no better time than now to nourish our roots. I propose 5 simple ideas to do this from the comfort of home. No huge program to plan, just some ideas that I hope will inspire you! There is room for everyone, bar none.

#1 Perfect Moments from 0 to 99+

I’m talking about them: board games. Are they or aren’t they still the stars of family nights? Individually or in teams, there’s only one winner and… may the best man win! In the era of tablets and online gaming, the board game still has the merit of developing memory, ingenuity, creativity, cunning, reducing stress, and impulsiveness. Passwords: fun and sharing. And for younger children a real opportunity for the development of personality, while respecting the rules of the game. From the classics Taboo, Monopoly, and Risk to the lesser-known Dixit and Maxi Paroliere, you will lose track of time!

For those fond of pen and paper, a good idea could be the classic “Names, Things and Cities”. I recommend you study well the name of unknown colors: it will make all the difference in the world!

What do you say? Can’t find a working pen around the house? I thought of that too: the great classic, “the charades game”. You can safely score the points on your smartphone. Enjoy!

#2 Cooking together, eating together

Sweet or savory? And why not both? A lunch or dinner where everyone can really feel like a protagonist, especially in the preparation, from the first course to the dessert. I’m thinking of a cake or a pizza: each person’s task. Who will break the eggs, who will add them to the flour, who will knead the dough, and who will wait patiently for it to rise?

Cooking together is a really fun and inclusive activity, because at the end of the day, even if you’ve just cut the tomatoes, you’ll feel you’ve done your part and you’ll be satisfied, even more than you should be! Indulge in the preparations, set the table together as if for a special occasion, and enjoy your creations.

In the end, remember that you will also need to clean up altogether!

#3 Green Stamp: Family Movie

You’ll need someone to make popcorn, someone to pick out a movie, and someone else to watch trailers and reviews if needed. A comfy couch and a nice screen and the show can begin.
Little tip: take a break in the middle like at the movies so you don’t risk anyone falling asleep, perhaps promising a good snack. At the end of the movie, have fun commenting on your favorite scenes or what you really didn’t like!

Of course, go ahead and watch your beloved TV series: a marathon can be a great moment of sharing.

#4 Scrapbooking

Albums can gather dust, memories can hardly. Every now and then it is right to revive them: whether photos or videos, they glue us together and enchant us.

It is always an exciting moment to see how much people change or to be, even if only for a moment, there, with the thought, in that faraway place, in that faraway year. The ideal narrative voice is that of the grandparents, who always manage to enrich those moments with details that only they can keep, giving curiosities that will always sound like new discoveries. To be repeated several times a year.

#5 Ideas for the future

From the past to the future: to the conquest of unexplored lands. Maybe it’s time to make that purchase you’ve put off many times, to move into a new house, or take that important step you’ve always said you wanted to take. You can all do it together. Evaluate the pros and cons or, why not, dream harder. Whether you want to change the decor of your home or plan the stages of your next trip, put everything on the table. You’ll be surprised by the power of the moment. Because family is first and foremost about sharing.

See you in the next article! For now: always cherish your time!

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