Tennis: A sport is experiencing its revival – Why everyone is now playing tennis again

Unpack the headband again! For some time now, it’s been all about rackets, fluttering skirts and champions breaking records with all their strength and tenacity again – tennis is experiencing its renaissance!

We’ll tell you why you should start (again) here:
  • Tennis provides endorphins

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the tennis court is calling. We want to get out, we want to move, and what better outdoor sport than tennis! Playing in the fresh air does us good and helps us to clear our heads and reduce stress. Exercise releases the well-known endorphins: really work off your energy and enjoy a cool drink in the clubhouse afterwards – you can only go home with a grin on your face.

  • Tennis prolongs life

It is no secret that sport keeps us young and fit. What is surprising, however, is that playing tennis actually extends life span by around 10 years, as researchers found out in the Copenhagen City Heart Study. Over 8,500 participants were asked about their sporting activities over a longer period of time. The life expectancy of people who played tennis was 9.7 years longer than those who did not. Did you know that?

  • Tennis trains the body and mind

From head to toe – tennis training works the whole body and several muscle groups at the same time: Arms, legs, abdomen and back. Coordination and motor skills are refined, while at the same time, perceptiveness and the ability to concentrate are improved.

  • Tennis is simply fun!

Pure happiness hormones! When the felt ball flies, the tennis player’s heart swells. Playing tennis is fun, whether you are a beginner or a professional. As soon as you get the hang of it and the yellow ball goes over the net, good humour is guaranteed!

Why tennis lessons on holiday are simply brilliant: Time for sport, fun and relaxation!

Holidays are the perfect time to exercise and have fun at the same time. And what could be better suited than tennis lessons? At our Falkensteiner Hotels in Croatia and Italy, we offer tennis enthusiasts young and old unique opportunities to improve their tennis skills while enjoying a relaxed holiday atmosphere.

Game – Set – Match: Professionals at your side.

Imagine standing on the tennis court, feeling the sun on your skin and hitting the ball over the net with all your might. Our tennis pros are on hand to help you refine your technique, perfect your forehand and backhand and give you valuable tips. Whether you are a beginner or already experienced, we will adapt to your individual skills.
However, tennis on holiday is not only an opportunity to improve your sporting skills. It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people, have fun with family or friends and create precious memories together. After an intense tennis session, you can relax at the hotel afterwards, enjoy the pool or the beach and recharge your batteries.

So, why not pack your tennis equipment or rent it from us at the hotel and take tennis lessons on your next holiday?

Our Falkensteiner hotels offer you the perfect environment to play tennis, relax and create unforgettable holiday experiences.

Did you know…

That our Falkensteiner Resort Punta Skala was the venue for the ATP Challenger Tour 2023 from 20 to 26 March 2023?! Here you will experience a unique tennis experience: seven clay courts, centrally located and with a breathtaking view of the sea and the mountains. Highlight: The lighting offers the perfect conditions for exciting night matches – for amateurs and professionals alike.

The best Falkensteiner Tennis Hotels – for an active holiday by the sea can be found here!

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