Swimming in the morning drives away sorrow and worries

Nina & Tom
Nina & Tom
„Die Welt ist zu schön, um zuhause zu bleiben!“ – Das ist das Motto der beiden Outdoor-Enthusiasten. Wie wäre es trotz Job und begrenzter Urlaubszeit dem Alltag so oft wie möglich zu entfliehen und Abenteuer zu erleben? Kommt mit und verliebt euch mit den beiden in die schönsten Gipfel und Ozeane dieser Welt.

When we have booked a hotel with a pool, we ask right at check-in when the pool opens in the morning. Sport in the morning influences the entire day. It is, therefore, worthwhile to swim a few laps before breakfast because swimming is one of the healthiest sports of all. Why exactly, we would like to explain to you briefly in this article.

In the past, we always wondered if people were crazy to jump into the pool or the sea before breakfast on vacation. Meanwhile, we ourselves belong to “the crazy ones” and would like to infect you with this idea.


There’s no better morning wake-up call than early morning exercise. Even if it’s hard to dive the snooze button against the bathing suits on vacation, believe us: you will be rewarded. At the latest when you sit down to breakfast because most of the time the coffee is superfluous because you are already wide awake!

The important thing is the right dosage. No one has to achieve maximum performance before breakfast, you can also start with quite comfortable tracks.

Swimming exercises virtually all muscles, including the heart muscles. The big advantage of swimming over other types of training, such as running: It is easy on the ligaments and joints.

Since swimming also uses muscle groups that are otherwise less used, the entire body is strengthened. But these are by no means all the benefits. The movement stimulates the metabolism. A 30-minute breaststroke burns about 260 calories, while a crawl burns as many as 450 calories.

While fat deposits shrink, the immune system rejoices. While in the water, our bodies give off heat to the water. Heat loss is good exercise for the immune system and energy metabolism.

It depends on the individual biorhythm whether one is more the type for sports in the morning or in the evening, but there is, in any case, a convincing argument for early morning sports: Since the carbohydrate stores are mostly empty after getting up, the body gets the necessary energy more from the fat reserves. Those who exercise before breakfast burn 20 percent more fat.


Not only does swimming rev up the cardiovascular system, but it also boosts your good mood. During sports, the body releases endorphins (happiness hormones). Water also has a special effect on the body.

If you swim a few laps and also submerge yourself, you usually concentrate on the correct execution of the swimming strokes and on breathing – all other worries are faded out for the moment. For us, swimming always has a meditative effect, if we can see the mountains at the same time – perfect!
When you get out of the pool afterward, your mind is free, you feel balanced and you are fit for the day.


To ensure that the positive effects of swimming are felt and that you don’t start the day completely tense afterward, we have put together a few tips for good swimming techniques:

  • Wear goggles even when swimming breaststroke, so that the head can dive into the water, otherwise, you strain the cervical spine, the neck, or the back.
  • When surfacing, it is not necessary to lift the whole head out of the water, but only the nose and mouth, so that you can breathe in without any problems.
  • Backstroke relieves the head and neck.


If you have the opportunity to go swimming in the morning, take it. No other sport can train so many muscle groups at the same time, protect the joints and get the cardiovascular system going. Oh, and you’ll also burn a lot of calories. If you have a five-hour hike ahead of you on the same day, then just swim a few easy laps and see the swimming session more as a warm-up. So get out of bed, get in the pool, and swim your way to happiness.

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