Safe Sports Spring Edition: By far the best spring sports

It’s finally here, spring and with it the positive change: more and more hours of sunshine, warm temperatures, and extensive outdoor leisure and sports activities. On top of that, there is an extra portion of oxygen, vitamin D, and dopamine. Although we still have to show solidarity and observe safety measures, you can enjoy the many benefits of outdoor exercise despite the changed circumstances with these five sports:

Outdoor Yoga

Do you want to push your endurance and feel the feeling of freedom at the same time? Then outdoor yoga is just the thing for you! Another plus is that you can choose any spot on earth to practice your exercises. Close your eyes and rely completely on your inner peace, while the birds, the wind, or the surrounding waters provide a pleasant background melody.

Depending on the exercise and position, you activate your cardiovascular system in an intensive way and strengthen your holistic well-being at the same time. Namasté!


A sport that makes you forget about space and time. On the eternal expanses of prepared, green surfaces, it’s all about concentrating on a challenging task with momentum and full precision. So, if you feel like facing this challenge, refreshing your concentration, and achieving the greatest sense of achievement in the shortest possible time, golf is exactly what you are looking for.

For beginners, selected course courses are recommended, and golf equipment can be rented under certain safety precautions. If the location allows it, you can also enjoy your golf hideaway in some of our hotels.


Classic, but effective! With our seven things in our luggage, including a proper snack, plenty of water or tea, and sunscreen, we’re ready to go. No matter if short, long, steep, or easy tours, nature is a real mood booster. From the first breath of fresh, conifer-scented air, hiking in the countryside begins to have a positive effect on our state of mind.

In addition, hiking is the perfect mindfulness training for body and mind: concentrate on every single breath, the sounds and smells from the environment, every incline and decline to constantly improve your sensory perception, concentration, and coordination. Once you reach the finish line, it’s just a matter of saying, “Berg heil!”

(Downhill) Mountain biking

For those looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush and fun factor, we recommend this casual sport. On marked routes or in the downhill bike park you speed downhill with your mountain bike and the right protective equipment, while fun and excitement are not neglected. However, the planned tour should be adapted to your current training condition. Don’t worry, for beginners, there are the blue trails to slowly approach the challenge.


Training in a team, but with enough distance: Tennis is not one of the trend sports in the warm season for nothing. Take to the court, challenge your opponent or motivate each other to hone your technique. Even beginners will quickly become fond of this sport, because not only is the body evenly pressed, but also the high fun content is guaranteed. Just be careful that the ball doesn’t go out!

And, have you now also got a real desire to move in the fresh air? With these activities, the fun is pre-programmed, whether in a small group, in pairs, or simply alone!

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