Destination Love Zadar

Summer is just around the corner. Experience something new again. So off to Croatia! Yes…Croatia, or more precisely: Off to Zadar! We deliver you in this post 3 experiences away from the beaches and national parks.

When you think of Croatia’s cities, Zagreb, Split, Zrće for the party people among us, or Dubrovnik (for the remaining Game of Thrones fans) come to mind. Zadar is still considered an insider’s tip on the Croatian Adriatic coast…and this despite the fact that the city and its surroundings offer a real variety of attractions and special features.

1.) Listening to the sea

Can the sea really sing? Well, making music would probably be more accurate, because the sounds of the sea organ, installed in 2005, can be heard from dawn to dusk at probably the most famous spot on the waterfront promenade of the old town of Zadar. The composer and player is the movement of the waves of the sea, which, over a length of 70 meters, or through 35 flutes and whistles, produces the sounds under the

stone slabs and creates a magical atmosphere on the shore. The city’s famous sunset, which even back then Alfred Hitchcock rightly called the most beautiful in the world, puts the proverbial icing on the cake for this place.

Right next door is another testimony to human creativity in harmony with natural conditions. With the help of solar panels, the “Greeting to the Sun” stores energy over a diameter of 22 meters during the day in order to trigger a play of light in the rhythm of the waves in the evening as a homage to the aforementioned sunset.

2.) Immerse yourself in an eventful past

If you think that Zadar only has modern art installations to shine, you are completely wrong. The Dalmatian coastal city, still a fortress until the end of the 19th century, looks back on an eventful history. Even today, buildings from Roman and, above all, Venetian periods of rule characterize the image of the old town.

In particular, imposing stone-built churches of different eras are partly very well preserved. The Church of St. Donatus, the symbol of the city and probably the most famous building, dates from the 9th century and is considered one of the best-preserved monuments in Croatia from the early Christian period.
A break from sightseeing is best taken in one of the many cozy cafes and restaurants that line up among all the historic buildings.

3.) Taste the power of the bora

The bora, called bura in Croatia, is a dry fall wind and typical for the region around Zadar – especially in Nin. From early times, people knew how to use the power of the wind. Thus, with the help of the bura, many local products are produced, which real gourmets should not miss. First and foremost, Dalmatian prosciutto, which is still produced traditionally. The natural drying by the bura and the aroma of Dalmatian herbs give the ham a unique taste.

One thing is clear: this list represents only a fraction of the possibilities in and around Zadar. The rest is best discovered on your own. Have fun!