New Year’s Eve Food Trends

Hard to believe, but the new year is actually already around the corner – surprise surprise. Especially in the last few weeks, time always seems to pass particularly quickly, which usually leads to a nagging question that often arises last minute: What are we eating on New Year’s Eve?

Once the catering for the Christmas holidays is settled, the search for ideas starts all over again. So that you can dedicate yourself to the culinary theme this year, we have looked around a bit in the world of food trends. And the result is a pretty wild mix of appetizers and finger food – wrapped in retro vibes, dipped in glitter. So, foodies: Here come your New Year’s Eve ideas for parties on a small scale or a New Year’s Eve in the relaxed company!

1.) Fondue – the past is back: The big comeback of this year has not created our all nightmare virus – for that, you would have to have been away at least briefly – no, I’m talking about the good old fondue. Who doesn’t remember how their parents used to talk about extension cords, dangerous methylated spirits, and grease stains on their clothes? How do you wait for what felt like forever for the pieces of meat to be cooked through and for you to get those out of the hot pot without having to search for them for a long time with the empty fondue dish? Like everything that generates nostalgia to a sufficient degree, this party food highlight is also celebrating its revival. Off to the cellar, dust off the box, and let the fun begin! Good luck at this point that you are not hit by grease splashes and wounded 😉

2.) Raclette – the evergreen among the holiday treats: Who says A, must also say B; who says fondue, must also mention raclette. For decades beloved and also this year again particularly highly in the course, we know probably all the small bowls, in which everything may purely, which can be gratinated with cheese. But how about a twist? Raclette is also available in a sweet version: simply prepare the pancake batter and bake it until fluffy between the hot plates. Garnish with chocolate chips or fruit and eat with fried bananas from the grill.

3.) Mini pizzas from the table grill – that’s Amore: Yes, you read correctly. For a few years now, tabletop pizza ovens have been available for purchase that works on the same principle as the raclette mentioned above. Instead of triangular dishes, round mini trays are used here, which can be individually topped by all the foodies at the table. What could be better than shoving in one small pizza after another, drinking prosecco, and having a good time together?

4.) Grazing Table – a fancy term for snack platter: I know, this point doesn’t sound that exciting at first. But please look at the countless works of art on Pinterest that motivated people to conjure up from cold cuts of all kinds. Goes of course also with vegan cheese, sausage substitute, or antipasti and vegetables. The creations are all Stepford hosts’ answers to moms who drape star-shaped cut-out sandwiches in their kids’ kindergarten bento boxes. The sweet version of the Grazing Tables makes chocoholics and foodies’ mouths water: Here, all the pretty-looking sweets – from chocolate with candied flowers to marshmallows and sweet dips – are fanned out to really challenge cholesterol levels and muffin tops. Next level madness: sprinkle edible gold dust or glitter particles on top!

5.) Small hamburgers, summer rolls, and wraps – the main thing is to fill them yourself: Snack Sizes are always a good idea. Miniature versions of popular classics look scrumptious, are great for chowing down on all evening, and are also easy to prepare. Small burger buns and patties, vegetable sticks, tofu, and rice leaves, or tortilla patties to fill with chili sin carne or á la kebab – choosing your own ingredients at the table adds a sense of informality. Plus, incompatibilities or antipathies (Looking at you, Cilantro!) can be cleverly sidestepped this way.

With these culinary revelations, we send you confetti-throwing into the New Year’s Eve bash.
Happy new year: Enjoy every sip and bite!

(c) Taryn Kent & Rachael Lunghi