Breakfast makes the day

Falkensteiner Hotel Prague

Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day. For some it’s a quick espresso and a glass of water, for others it’s omelettes and Kornspitz for breakfast, even during the week. But a hearty breakfast is a must on vacation at the latest!

Fortunately, our hotels are well equipped and offer for every taste, the appropriate refreshment for the next day of vacation. With the great offer, we are often spoiled for choice and do not even know where to start tasting through. Now I write just for this situation the article you are reading. Because this is the breakfast guide for the various vacation activities. So you are always perfectly prepared for everything else the day has to offer!

Bon appétit!

The mountain adventures A summer on the mountain is something very special: wonderful views, the fresh mountain air and working out on challenging hikes. We should be prepared for that. Here are the recommendations for all mountain enthusiasts who need to recharge their batteries before their next tour. Proteins that keep you full for a long time are the be-all and end-all. That’s why you’ll find mountain adventurers ordering an omelet with vegetables at the egg station. This is accompanied by whole-grain bread topped with cream cheese, Gouda cheese and possibly ham. Sporting ventures need appropriate provisions. So we need sugar to keep up our strength. Jam striezel, butter croissant or chocolate croissant are the go-to dessert. For that extra dose of energy in the morning, a double espresso is recommended. But also lots and lots of water!
The Fitness-Influencer The first espresso was already downed before the morning workout. After the sporty start to the day, it continues for the supposed fitness influencers #healthy. At the breakfast buffet, the motto is “high protein, low carb” – of course! Greek yogurt with fruit is the starter, followed by eggs in any form. Whether it’s an omelet, poached, soft-boiled or hard-boiled eggs, the important thing is that it also has to look good, because the content has to be right for breakfast, too. Grainy cream cheese, fresh vegetables and, in case of special cravings for the extra carbs, pumpernickel or wholemeal crispbread are an exception. Freshly squeezed orange juice provides the vitamins. And there’s more coffee to kick things up a notch. After all, the day continues with sports.

The Yoga Queens & Kings

Also for a yoga retreat we need the appropriate, but above all balancing strengthening. Bircher muesli or porridge with fresh fruit and nuts are my secret tip here. This way, you don’t feel too full, but still satiated and can hold out until lunch. With a yoga handstand after breakfast, the risk of getting sick is also lower. For those who prefer it salty, I recommend avocado bread with salmon. Green tea is served as an accompaniment, which provides energy and balance at the same time. Freshly squeezed carrot-ginger juice also keeps you fit and stimulated. We are ready for the next sun salutation!

The Golfflight

For breakfast, we behave like we would for the upcoming outing to the golf course: classic and a bit fancy. For our breakfast menu, that means Eggs Benedict, poached eggs on brioche with ham and Hollandaise sauce*. A lukewarm butter croissant literally melts in your mouth. We stay true to the label and drink English Breakfast tea with a sip of milk. A glass of sparkling wine is also not to be missed, so the first golf swing is certainly easier.

The racing cyclists

Wir bleiben bei den sportlichen Aktivitäten, in diesem Fall der Rennradsport. Wir bereiten uns vor auf viel Bewegung über lange Distanz & Zeit – ergo ist auch viel Brennstoff nötig. Die Empfehlung: eine Auswahl des großzügigen Schinken- und Käse-Angebots auf frischem Gebäck, dazu Spiegeleier. Je nach Hotel wird auch ein Special im Eier-Menü angeboten, das wir auch sehr empfehlen können. Als Abgang noch etwas Süßes, zum Beispiel Waffeln oder Pancakes mit beliebigen Topping. Wichtig ist, bereits vor der Radtour hydriert zu sein: Saft, Wasser, Tee und zum Abschluss ein Kaffee und schon geht los!

The sun worshippers

We lie on the beach all day, want to look good in a bikini (bye bye bloated belly) and are already looking forward to the midday snacks at the beach bar and the first Aperol Spritz. Until then, it’s “Dolce far niente” and we don’t need so much energy on the beach lounger…and we get the one we need from the sun anyway! Therefore, yogurt with crunchy muesli and a few berries are quite enough. A large cappuccino and we are ready for the day at the beach – and quickly secure the pole position in the first row of sun loungers.