You can eat that? – How to process these 5 fruit & vegetable “leftovers”

Food waste is a major problem of our time and a waste of resources that we can all counteract. We show you which supposed waste products in your kitchen are not waste at all. You will be surprised what you can use with the right preparation!

Broccoli stalk

When you prepare broccoli, – do you neatly separate the florets and cook only those? Do not let the stem go directly into the garbage. Cut it into small pieces and cook it with broccoli! The stalk is rich in nutrients and cooking takes only slightly longer than the rest of the broccoli. In a cream soup, for example, you won’t even notice that the broccoli stalk was used, and the cooked pieces are also delicious in salads.

Carrot greens

While for a long time carrot greens were considered inedible and even poisonous, this view is now outdated by nutritionists. In fact, the leaves are actually healthy: they contain a variety of vitamins and are rich in calcium. The best way to use carrot greens is to make a delicious pesto or chop them finely and season your dishes with them.

Fruit & Vegetable Peels

Did you know that you can just eat the peel of a kiwi? It may be unusual and the furry feeling on the tongue a bit unusual, but it is digestible and rich in vitamins! In a smoothie, however, you can eat the peels almost unnoticed. However, it is recommended in both cases to pay attention to untreated kiwis and to wash them thoroughly.

There are also several uses for banana peels. For example, you can give your houseplants a nutrient boost with banana peels. Cut the peels into small pieces and boil them with water. Let the natural fertilizer steep overnight and strain the pieces the next day before using the cooled water for watering.

But the peels of untreated bananas are also suitable for human consumption. To your smoothies, the pureed peels give a creamier consistency and you can even enjoy them fried! With the right marinade and spices, you can even make vegan bacon from banana peel!

When processing root vegetables, peel residues are usually also produced. Washed well beforehand, you can easily turn them into vegetable chips in the oven. Serve with a dip and you have created an excellent snack from supposed waste. Alternatively, you can freeze the peels and collect them until you have a larger quantity. You can then make a vegetable broth, which you can use in a variety of dishes.


Even the stalk of a corn cob you do not have to throw away directly! After you have already eaten the corn kernels, you can cook the stalk in a vegetable broth.

Pumpkin & melon seeds

Seasoning and roasting is the motto! With different spices, you can also conjure up lots of different flavors. Recipe inspiration can be found online of all sorts, but of course, there are no limits to your own cooking creativity. A nutritious and healthy snack that also reduces kitchen waste 🙂