What do I do on Valentine’s Day? What I want!

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Valentine’s Day – the day of love. But who specified again that the day is only for people in relationships? That’s right, no one! Singles know the wistful look at the calendar as 14 February approaches and you perhaps open the dating app a time or two more often. But any hint of melancholy or the like is totally out of place here. Because we all love and are loved. Ergo – reason enough to celebrate, and according to your taste.

We have 5 tips for you on how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day as a single person.

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1 The classic – Wellness Day!

Massage, facial treatment, beauty application – what could be better than being pampered from top to toe? Alternatively, of course, this can also be done wonderfully in the wet area at home, in the form of a bubble bath, a face mask, or an extensive face yoga session.
Pssst: We have the perfect face yoga guide for you 😉

2 Home Décor Shopping Tour

Buy some new accessories for your home and redecorate according to your preferences. A new mirror, a stylish piece of furniture, or maybe a new art piece? Meanwhile, enjoy the fact that you don’t have to discuss with anyone whether you really need new curtains for the living room or whether the gaming chair for the home office corner has to be real.

3 Sift through old photos

Whether on the hard drive or on the mobile phone, we all have a huge pool of photos slumbering somewhere on various storage media, with snapshots that we haven’t thought about for ages. Fire up your favorite playlist, grab a glass of wine or a cup of cocoa and dive into the world of memories. You’ll probably find yourself with a big smile on your face when you dig out the long-forgotten photos of your first office Christmas party or when a Pitbull song echoes nostalgically in your ears at the sight of your hairstyle and your outfit for the student party in 2013.

PS: Send your friends the highlights and share them with them. I’m sure they’ll be very happy about this special Valentine’s greeting.

4 Indulge your Guilty Pleasure

Every one of us has something that we love, but that doesn’t always meet with the approval of others. It’s nice to be able to indulge in these secret passions without being judged. At this point, to encourage you and also to give you inspiration, I confess to being a trash TV lover and a passionate scratcher. I also love to order food for at least three people and then eat it all by myself, spread over several hours. So you can probably imagine what my perfect “Guilty Pleasure Evening” would look like. What would yours be like?

5 Surprise someone

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love and love has many faces. When I lived in my hometown, my dad used to bring me a bouquet of flowers every year on Valentine’s Day.

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and would often turn up unexpectedly on my doorstep or in the café where I worked at my university job. I always found that incredibly nice and it always made Valentine’s Day a very special day for me, regardless of my relationship status.
Why not surprise someone who is important to you? Buy a bouquet of flowers for your mum, surprise a mate with a six-pack or take your best friend on a spontaneous weekend trip. You don’t have to wait for a relationship to celebrate love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!