Travel Horoscope 2023: Virgo

Virgos born between August 24 and September 23 are well prepared for the journey to places of longing, ready to discover new things and let themselves go.


Analyzing and organizing, Virgo loves to plan, pays attention to every detail and wants to be prepared for all eventualities. To-do lists do not scare her, but make her heart beat faster. She is determined, hardworking and curious about new things. The love she has for numbers and dates she also likes to show to her loved ones. Virgo has a big heart and is immediately at hand when friends or family need her.

Virgin vacation destinations 2023

Long sandy beaches, quaint villages and breathtaking cliffs. Not for nothing Montenegro is also called the pearl of the Balkans. Still shunned by many tourists, virgins will find peace, pure relaxation, sights that do not have to share with crowds and a little bit of adventure. So there is a lot to discover and the mix of bathing and hiking vacations lets virgins experience a lot and relax at the same time.


Multifaceted, multicultural, vibrant and cozy at the same time, that is Amsterdam. Whether a tour of the numerous muses, a leisurely stroll through the city or a boat trip through the canals. For virgin-born, the Dutch capital has so much to offer.

Wellness vacation:
Just do nothing and let yourself be pampered all around. On a spa vacation, Virgo can relax and enjoys not having to worry about anything for once, except which massage is coming up next. In spring and summer, she/he prefers to go to a lake or the sea. Also long-distance trips come into question, for example a wellness temple in Thailand or on Bali. In winter, Virgo prefers the mountains and watching the snowflakes while she/he lies on the lounger wrapped in a bathrobe. But basically the destination is only secondary. The main role is played by the hotel, and here Virgo focuses on luxury and attention to detail.

Virgo is perhaps reserved at first sight. However, due to her organizational nature, she always has a (travel) destination in mind and is always on the lookout for the next place of longing. Once arrived, Virgo can also relax and just drift.

And if you don’t like to plan vacations, it’s best to look for a Virgo as a travel companion, with her / him you will discover a lot 😉