Relaxation and much rest

Relaxation and much Rest

Shortly before the start of the new ski jumping season and before the Austrian Ski Association Eagles set out to hunt for gold again, it means for Gregor Schlierenzauer not only once again to get some sun but above all to recharge his strength and motivation. We met the native Tyrolean and multi-Olympic medal winner on the beach of the Lido and spoke with him about regeneration and motivation.

Gregor, with the home World Cup in the Seefeld Region, a special season is ahead of you and a strenuous and demanding summer training is behind you. What assists you with regeneration and how do you shape your rest periods?

I am looking forward to what lies ahead and feel well prepared. Especially that the World Cup comes to me in my immediate home in the Olympic Region of Seefeld, is indeed something very special. I could develop again and spent a lot of time and energy to be able to put in my best performances in the competitions again in the coming season.

I attach great importance to active regeneration during my intensive training. That means biking out at low intensity, stretching my muscles, and enjoying a hot sauna. However, I also think it is important not only to regenerate my body but also to let my mind rest. It helps me to lie on my lazy skin for once and to be aware of the here and now.As a relaxation, I enjoy having, on the one hand, a lot of time for myself.

Good food, good movies and a restful time. However, I also appreciate having good company. Enjoying the time with friends and families. To laugh together, to talk about God and the world.

You describe yourself on your website as straightforward, purposeful and passionate. How do you constantly motivate yourself to new high performances?

I love evolving, taking full advantage of each day and then falling asleep with a smile and being really happy with the day’s work.
Ski jumping is a great sport. The feeling in the pleasure associated with it cannot be compared to anything else. Moreover, working hard to get the best performance every day motivates me to a great degree.

How do you manage not to lose the fun of doing sports?

I feel very fortunate to have been able to make my passion into my job – my vocation. I live through a lot of different experiences every day and get to know many exciting personalities.  The fun of doing sport is also not in short supply.

How do you usually spend your holidays and what is your best experience on a day of the holiday?

My holidays are usually shorter trips. Often to places that I can reach with my Audi within a few hours. So Tyrol or Carinthia is an ideal holiday destination for me.

If I have more time, I like to fly to places where I feel really good, and can get some sun and recharge my strength. I try to avoid long journeys. I travel so much during the season that I prefer to make my holiday uncomplicated.

What should never be missing in the luggage?

My camera, sports equipment and a good book.

Relaxing on the sun lounger, museum and culture or does it have to be rather sporty? What do you have to do to switch off really well?

I do it completely without sports and I do not want to do it. However, all 3 elements have their own charm. However, after spending many hours a day actively, I would most likely mention the sunbed here.

What do you like most about the surroundings of Jesolo or the Wörthersee?

I am a big fan of Italy. Enjoying the lifestyle, the people and above all the good food. In Jesolo, I like the feeling of sea just a few hours away from Austria.

The Wörthersee is an incredibly beautiful lake for me. The turquoise and crystal-clear water. The weather being mostly better than in Innsbruck. The proximity to Italy and the associated relaxed lifestyle is good for me.

Do you associate personal memories with the two places?

I always think of beach volleyball at the Wörthersee. I have had the pleasure of attending this event several times as a guest. A world class event with many thousands of visitors and great atmosphere, on the shores of this incredible lake. Moreover, then take the boat for just a few minutes and again to enjoy peace and beautiful nature. That has always made a big impression on me.

What do you appreciate about the Falkensteiner Hotels?

I appreciate the quality and friendliness. I have the feeling of arriving and being able to put my legs up. Whenever I see the blue logo, I think of beautiful days with good food, precious relaxation and much rest.