Happy Honeymoon: Inspiration for your honeymoon

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After the wedding is before the honeymoon! To make your time together as a newlywed couple unforgettable, we provide you with inspiration around the honeymoon: from current trends to the most romantic destinations.

Traveling instead of planning

First of all, you should set your budget and agree on the duration – should it be a one-week vacation or the big trip around the world? If you have certain seasonal hobbies, such as skiing, it’s worth scheduling your honeymoon around that time, even if you’re getting married in the summer: after all, the most important thing is that you do together what you enjoy most. Do not forget to check in time necessary vaccinations, visas and documents. If you plan your honeymoon well in advance, you should create a structured overview and checklist of the booked destinations and accommodations so that you don’t forget anything when the time finally comes.

avoiding tinsel mistakes: common pitfalls and how to avoid them

It’s better not to plan too much of a scheduled program, but to plan enough relaxed time for the two of you. There should be enough variety and spontaneity: An eventful hiking tour is followed by a relaxing spa day, a fancy dinner by a self-catering breakfast with pancakes lovingly prepared for the man of your heart. Divide up the honeymoon planning well and decide who is responsible for which parts – this will save a whole chunk of potential conflict. Also think about the time after the honeymoon: So that everyday life doesn’t catch up with you too quickly, you should actively keep the memories of the honeymoon alive. Preserve the shared moments in the form of a photo album, for example, and be sure to take one or two souvenirs from the trip with you.