Digital must-haves: apps that make your holidays easier

Our daily companion, the smartphone, can also be used as a miracle weapon before and during a holiday to save us stress and excess baggage. We have collected apps for you that will sweeten your holiday even more.

Sorry, non parlo l’italiano: – Language apps

New country, new customs, new language? Why not work on the essentials before your holiday, namely the local language. With language learning apps like Duolingo or Babbel, you can learn a new language quickly and easily. The holiday cocktail and pizza can be ordered directly in perfect Italian. And if the important words slip your mind after the 2-holiday cocktails, translation apps like Google Translate can help at any time. The app is available in both the Playstore and the App Store.

Where’s Your Head At? – Packing Lists/To-Dos

Finishing up the last tasks at work, writing over lists, shutting down subscriptions, taking out the rubbish. The last few days before a holiday are usually the most stressful of the year & then you’re supposed to think of everything to take with you on holiday? Here, too, there are numerous useful apps for packing lists, to-do lists, shopping lists, etc. PackPoint Packpoint is a smart packing list that creates a packing list for you depending on the length of your holiday, destination and planned activities. It also checks the weather in the holiday destination. Of course, all lists can also be personalised. Packtor Packtor actually offers the same features as the PackPoint app, but also generates a to-do list before the holiday. You will never forget to take out the rubbish, water the flowers or unplug the electrical appliances. The shopping list The shopping list is also a must-have before a holiday. Who buys the sun cream and plasters again? No problem with this great app. Whether for everyday use or for a camping holiday, all your purchases are easily organised. The app is available in both the Playstore and the App Store.

Fun, games and excitement – entertainment apps

Our most popular entertainment apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, Audible etc. usually also offer offline or download functions. This is ideal for countries where data roaming is not available or where there is no internet connection. It’s best to download the latest series at home and binge during the flight, on the beach or in the spa area. An additional advantage: lighter luggage, as you don’t have to carry books, magazines or journals with you. Our app tips for entertainment:
  • Series & Movies: e.g.: Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+
  • Music & podcasts: Spotify
  • Audiobooks: Audible
  • Books: Kindle
  • Magazines & Newspapers: Readly

Offline maps

Not only entertainment should be available offline, but orientation is also probably even more important. Google Maps offers the possibility to download entire cities but also parts of the country as offline maps. Simply click on the profile in the Google Maps app and select and download the desired map section under offline maps. If you need more than just the map, you will be pleased with other map apps. or Smart Guide offer web descriptions & corresponding travel guides and audio guides in addition to downloading offline maps. Falky tip: try out the audio guides and travel guides in your home town and get that holiday feeling at home.

MONEY, MONEY – Finance Apps

EUR, CZK, DIN, CHF – what about the conversion rate? No more complicated multiplying or dividing with simple currency calculator apps like Currency Calculator – Finance100. Even tedious accounting with friends on holiday can be solved super easy with Splitwise. Everyone can enter their expenses & also add who is involved in the respective costs. Voilá, one click and you can immediately see who owes how much to whom.

Postcard for the Ime

With My Postcard, you can send your favourite holiday snapshot directly to grandma and grandpa as a postcard. The search for postboxes and stamps is a thing of the past and you can also give your own creativity free rein.

Information is key – knowledge apps

What kind of mountain is that again? What is the name of the blue butterfly? Is that plant poisonous? The big car was there on the left, wasn’t it? There are now lots of apps to help you identify everything quickly and easily. From plants, insects and animals to constellations and mountains, there are no limits to the spirit of discovery. What else is useful? Digital travel diaries from Polarsteps or find penguins let you collect, organise and beautifully design your holiday memories. Both apps even offer the option of having the trip printed as a photo book afterwards. The perfect holiday memory on your bookshelf. Plan sightseeing & tours easily with the apps Get your guide and Tripadvisor. The advantage here is the huge travel community behind both platforms. Plant-based foodies take note! Happy Cow offers the largest vegan food map. It also offers an offline map. & every insider tip can also be added directly by yourself, if not yet spotted by another foodie Flush: Public toilets can also be found very easily. Another plus point: with the user ratings, cleanliness surprises can be easily avoided. You can find this app in the Playstore and the App Store.
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Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz

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