Closing down: What happens at the hotel after the summer season?

Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Jesolo

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting colder, the vacation season is coming to an end. So even the warm summer packs up the last rays of sunshine and checks out. Many hotels, especially those in warmer destinations, close their doors during the cold winter months. But before a hotel goes into hibernation, there are still a few things to cross off the to-do list in order to be able to start the next summer season all the more successfully.

Often the winter break is used to repair any damage and defects and to bring the hotel facility back into shape a bit. Renovation work that often occurs is, for example, room renovations, renewal of the spa and wellness area, re-tiling of the pool, playground reconstruction, or changes in the interior design. These renovations require careful planning and often take several weeks to months, depending on their extent.

After that, cleaning the entire facility is on the to-do list. First, all rooms and public areas are given a basic cleaning. The comforters, pillows, and towels go to the cleaners, sofas and the carpets undergo special treatment. The SPA and wellness area, the kitchen, the restaurant, and the Falky-Land are disinfected and cleaned. After that, all surfaces and decorative elements are wiped and eventually stowed away so as not to get dusty again until the summer.

Not only are the interiors subjected to proper cleaning, but the outdoor facilities also need to be brought back into shape after all the bathing fun. All the sunbathing areas are disinfected and stowed away. Pools are left out, wiped out, and covered with a tarp to keep dirt out. Non-hardy plants need to be wrapped up and shipped out to the warm. All other plants that can easily survive the winter are prepared for the cool temperatures with special fertilizers.

All to-dos require precise planning and coordination. The hotel team is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly and is ready for the next summer season. Along the way, they also take care of billing all invoices and contracts that have been incurred by external vendors and partners during the summer. Collaborations are re-evaluated, possibly renewed, extended, or terminated. Then it’s off to the brainstorming phase for the next summer season.

The hotel team is considering new marketing strategies, new culinary concepts, and entertainment programs. Another important factor is the staff. Many employees are hired in winter at another hotel, often in a ski region, and then return after the winter season.

For the entire hotel team, the work really starts after the last guest has checked out. But if you are already planning your next summer vacation, you can currently save up to 25% with the Falkensteiner Summer Early Booking Bonus, carefree thanks to the flexible rebooking option up to 14 days before arrival!