Worth knowing about Montenegro

If you haven’t had the small Balkan state of Montenegro at the top of your travel bucket list yet, it’s about time! Despite its small size, Montenegro has a lot to offer. With its incredible variety of landscapes, the country is not only interesting for beach lovers, but also for active vacationers, adventurers and culture lovers. Surrounded by a unique scenery, you will find everything in Montenegro that makes your wanderlust heart beat faster. High mountains, untouched nature, wide beaches with crystal clear water and romantic coastal villages are waiting for you.

Nature love

The fact that the Montenegrins are particularly fond of the environment and nature can also be seen in the constitution of the country. It was the first country to officially declare itself an environmental state in 1992, and you can see and feel that. The small country has 5 big national parks. These untouched natural oases offer countless adventures. From hiking trails and via Ferrata to white water rafting, kayaking and camping. The place to be an outdoor lover!

Endless coastlines

Thanks to the direct access to the Adriatic Mediterranean Sea, bathing fun in Montenegro is not neglected. With 117 beaches and a coastline of 294 kilometres, the small coastal state has the perfect conditions for a summer holiday. Swimming, sunbathing, diving or renting a boat and discovering hidden bays, here bathing fun and sunbathing is guaranteed!

Highest, oldest, deepest…

The Balkan state has some of the most important cultural sights in the world. Here lives the oldest tree in the world: an olive tree. It is over 2,000 years old and has a trunk circumference of more than 10 meters.

In the rocky Dinara Alps at 1,675 meters is the highest mausoleum in the world, which houses the former Montenegrin ruler Petar II Petrović-Njegoš. From here you can enjoy a unique view of the entire Lovcen National Park.
In Montenegro, you can also visit the deepest gorge in Europe, the Tara Gorge. It flows through the Durmitor National Park and is 82 kilometres long and 1,300 metres deep at its deepest point. The gorge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and can either be explored on a rafting trail or flown over by zipline. Adrenaline kick calling!

Looking for Brad Pitt

In addition to many nature and bathing activities, you will also find many small romantic coastal villages in medieval style in Montenegro. Pretty places like Budva, Ulcinj and Petrovac offer a perfect mix of sightseeing and beach holidays. The city of Kotor is especially worth seeing. Due to its ancient beauty, it was not only included in the UNESCO World Heritage List but was the setting for many Hollywood movies in the 90s. Among others, Brad Pitt shot his first film here. The film was a flop, but the scenery was impressive! (and so was Brad ;))

From breathtaking national parks and historic towns to extensive sandy beaches – would you have thought that the small Balkan state of Montenegro has so much to offer? So if you are looking for a versatile holiday, this is the place to be. The perfect starting point for all sights is the Falkensteiner Hotel Montenegro, located not far from the romantic port city of Budva.