Who to follow: “Indulgence” – 5 inspiring Instagram accounts

“No pleasure is temporary; for the impression, it leaves behind is lasting.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

At Travel Motiv INDULGENCE, everything is aimed at sending our guests on a holistic pleasure journey that truly indulges all the senses. Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling – all aspects of pleasure combined to achieve well-being all along the line. Embedded in an inspiring environment of high-quality design, accompanied by culinary slow food delights, we open up space and time for our guests to recharge their batteries and find their own center. Therefore, those of you who go to one of our Genusshotels can sit back, relax, and let yourselves be (culinary) pampered. We can recommend the following 5 foodies to transform your kitchens into true gourmet temples for inspiration at home. Grab your spoons and feast with relish!

These Instagram accounts from our culinary influencers are sure to make your mouth water! Many of them eat plant-based and all of them are guaranteed delicious. Click through their profiles to get ideas for your next breakies, lunches, dinners, and all the delicious snacks in between. Et voilá:

1. the absolute food revelation awaits you at Eat This!
2. Jelena from Schnabula Rasa whips up everyday favorites in her kitchen.
3. you can marvel at very aesthetically staged delicacies at the account of Glücksgenuss.
4 Bianca Zapatka‘s vegan food account is gradually turning into a cookbook empire.
5. the ladies from Zuckerjagdwurst have recipes that are sure to succeed.