When in Croatia…

Croatia offers everything that the vacationer’s heart desires: unspoiled nature, crystal-clear water, romantic coastal towns, delicious food and a variety of leisure activities. No miracle thus that the Balkan state is a popular destination for many holiday-makers.

The Croats are cozy people, see many things in a relaxed way and do not let themselves be stressed. They love tourists who are interested in their country, its traditions and mentality and are very proud of their nation. According to the motto “when in Rome – do as the Romans do” you should also adapt to certain behavior patterns of the locals when you travel to Croatia.

The art of small talk

In Croatian culture, not only family cohesion and hospitality are important, but also charity. It is therefore not unusual for Croats to talk about God and the world in the streets, in the neighborhood, or over the garden fence. The daily small talk (čavrljanje) is an important part of the Balkan culture and so don’t be surprised if you meet locals from time to time who want to inform themselves about your current state of health or discuss the current political situation.

Money, Money, Money

Although Croatia has been a member of the European Union since 2013, the Croatians have retained the kuna as their currency (one euro equals approximately seven kuna). In cafes, restaurants, gas stations and stores you can pay only in kuna. There are many exchange offices in all major Croatian cities. Change your money in time and try not to pay in Euro or any other currency. It’s a no go.

Pack bathing shoes!

It is a fact that the water quality along the Croatian Adriatic is exceptionally good. Whether natural beach, gravel, or stone beach: the bathing experience in Croatia is perfect! There are only a few sandy beaches, so you should definitely put on bathing shoes to protect yourself from sharp stones and sea urchins. Without bathing shoes, bathing can quickly become dangerous, as you could get injuries on your feet and legs. If you have not packed any, you can buy some on the spot. Stay safe!

Regional olive oil: the all-rounder

Croats are people of pleasure. They love their traditional cuisine, Mediterranean influences and fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea. No matter what is put on the table, one ingredient should never be missing: olive oil. Olive oils from Croatia belong according to the olive oil bible of Flos Olei to the world-best. But the olive oil has to offer still more: it conjures a beautiful even tan and helps to maintain dry hair points again healthy. So don’t be surprised if you are offered olive oil on the beach – just try it out! But be careful: do not use it in the midday sun – the danger of sunburn! 🙂

In order to experience Croatia authentically and intensively, you have to get involved with the country and its people. Just go with the flow! The more you adapt yourselves to the native behaviors, the more relaxed and exciting your time in Croatia will become.