Tips for sustainable travelling

Every one of us likes to go on holiday, relax and take time out from our stressful everyday lives. But, more than all of us, nature is now ready for a holiday. It needs a holiday from global warming, waste and from human interference. I love to recharge my batteries in nature, listen to the sound of the sea and the chirping of birds and take a deep breath of a unique feeling of freedom. But we are not the only ones who want to experience this feeling; the people of the next generations should also be able to experience this feeling. But what if this will not be possible? Everyone can contribute to sustainability and support the earth instead of destroying it. Everyone can make a small contribution and together we leave a big ecological footprint! In this blog post, you will find some tips for environmentally friendly travel that are very easy to implement. Have fun reading and putting them into practice! 😊
1. Tip – pack properly, saves pain in the neck
The trip already starts at home: enough trousers, enough T-shirts and then 5 bikinis – one for each day! In the end, you need a third or at most half of the clothes, you packed. If you only take the minimum amount of luggage, you are already contributing to sustainable travel, because the lighter the luggage, the fewer emissions are emitted by the means of transport. In addition, you save yourself the trouble of lugging heavy luggage around.
2. Tip – chosen holiday destination, sustainability four times as much
The destination doesn’t always have to be on the other side of the world. Sometimes there are beautiful places in the immediate vicinity that you don’t even know about because you always think you have to go far away or to the sea! With closer holiday destinations, you can do without flights and take a long-distance bus or train. Because did you know that you save almost 90% CO2 if you take the long-distance bus instead of the plane? And don’t forget: You also get to know your home country or the surrounding area better.
3. Tip – own a water bottle, keeps more money in your pocket
Litter is also a big issue for travellers. High summer temperatures make you thirsty, but do you have to buy a new bottle of water every time and throw it away after 10 minutes? Of course, I have a simple and sustainable solution for this too: take a refillable water bottle from home with you, so you don’t have to keep buying more water bottles and, in the best case, the bottle is made of glass and you don’t produce any more plastic waste. You also drink water without plastic particles, which tastes much better!
4. Tip – buy local, please locals abnormally
A souvenir for friends and family at home is always nice, but if you buy it in the little shop around the corner, where everything is homemade, you also make the locals happy – and they also get something out of tourism.
5. Tip – Save resources and stay on the sustainable track
In summer as in winter, you can also contribute to leaving your green footprint as a guest in the hotel. For example, in winter you can close the windows when the heating is on, or in summer only run the air conditioning and lights when you are in the room. A large amount of linen in hotels is also a big issue that can be easily reduced by not having towels and bed linen changed every day, but maybe only every few days or once a week. At home, you don’t change the bed linen every day either, why should this be different in a hotel?
6. Tip – sustainable exploration heals the earth’s wounds
Those who explore the lake or the marine world by motorboat are full of yesterday’s news! The “cool” among us do it with a stand-up paddle. It’s a great way to explore the waters, and even in the lake, it’s no problem at all to simply take the stand-up paddle with you and cross the lake for a short while.
But even paddling out in the sea without frightening and scaring away the marine life is ideal for exploring the underwater world and protecting it at the same time. On land, too, the environment can often be explored much better by bicycle or public transport than by car. Give it a try, it’s definitely worth it!
Enjoying and experiencing nature is wonderful, but the next visitors would also like to have the same experience as we do. Therefore, simply leave the places you have explored as you found them or as you would like to find them. Nature happy, we happy, next visitors happy! If you put these tips into practice, you have already made a big contribution to giving the earth a breather and allowing it to build up its own resources so that we can continue to enjoy its beauty. Let’s be sustainable – it’s fun!