Tips and tricks for making beds

There are two types of bed-making: first thing in the morning or preferably never. If you belong to the first group, you have probably already established a routine. But if you need a technical refresher, or if you’re a morning grump with bed-making panic, we’ve put together a short guide with the Dos and Don’ts.

The washing machine

…is the first stop for a freshly made bed. Bed linen should be changed every two weeks and washed at least at 60 degrees. The vacuum cleaner also helps to keep the mattress clean. A lot of dust accumulates here, which should be removed every four to eight weeks.

Bed linen

…can become a real ordeal, because mattresses are heavy. Fitted sheets make it easier to get into bed, especially if you start with the corner that is the hardest to reach and then fold the sheet in on the long side. Thus, the remaining stretching is also made very easy and fast.

The bed linen for pillow and duvet is pulled inside out. When putting the cover over the pillow, reach into the cover and make sure that the corners of the cover are exactly in line with the tips of the pillow. Now you can turn the pillow upside down (hold on to the corners) and let the bedding slide along them. After closing the zipper or the row of buttons, grasp the tips of the padding on this side and shake the pillow/blanket. If you are a little smaller, you can use a chair to help you put the pillow on.

For everyday life

…shake the bed in the morning and hang it out of the window so that the moisture that is created when you sleep can escape. Afterwards, you can lay the pillows flat or, if you like the hotel look, you can put them up and make a depression in the middle with the edge of your hand. The highlights of duvet folding: Simply fold in half or, after accordion folding, fold in twice (i.e., three times).


…is a word that can but need not, come up in bed-making. The house dust mites feel that the moisture and heat stored in the bed linen is the ultimate best living environment. Bedding without mites is hardly possible. However, you can put the little animals in their place. By airing and shaking the bedding, moisture and heat can escape and the mattress has a chance to dry. So asthma and house dust allergies also have a smaller chance. By the way, it is important that you don’t pull the sheets out too quickly – even if you are already looking forward to the fresh bedding – this way you scatter mites all over the room…

When did you last make your bed? Maybe a little longer than that? But then: Go for the blankets, upholstery – ready – go!