The story of Falky

Everyone who has ever spent a holiday in one of our Falkensteiner Family Hotels certainly knows him: Falky! The plush, clumsy and always playful darling of the children is simply part of a family holiday at Falkensteiner. However, do you actually know how Falky came to us? No? Then Falky will tell you himself:

Many years ago, the Falkensteiner family, that was mother Maria, father Josef and their two sons Erich and Andreas lived in a small but fine house in Ehrenburg in the beautiful South Tyrol. There was always something going on here! The parents rented some of the rooms of their house to guests and so it happened that very often families with their children spent their holidays with the Falkensteiner family. This was especially nice for Erich and Andreas, as they always found new playmates to play and romp with.

One day, during their summer holidays in South Tyrol, the children made an unusual discovery when they were walking through the garden and playing “hide and seek”. Little Erich had found a particularly good hiding place. He was sitting under a big apple tree. “They won’t find me here,” he thought, when suddenly something fell into his lap from above. At first, he thought it was an apple, but when he looked closer, he realized it was a big brown egg. Carefully he picked it up and came out from behind the tree to call his little brother and his friends. They were amazed when he showed them the egg. “Where did it come from?”, “Did it fall from the sky?”, “Is it a chicken egg?” they shouted excitedly. No, of course I was not in a hen’s egg, after all I am a proud peregrine falcon, but the children could not know that at that time.

Since they couldn’t find a nest in the apple tree from which my egg could have fallen, they decided to take the egg into the house and take good care of it. They put it into one of the beds, because it was nice and warm and soft there – nothing would happen to the egg here. Yes indeed, I felt very comfortable there. However, I realized that it was time to introduce myself to the children. A few days later, Erich and Andreas, in whose room the egg was kept, were woken by an unusual noise. They got out of their beds and looked at the egg, in which I started to stretch and thus made the egg shake. Quickly they called the other children and all looked spellbound at the brown egg in front of them. Then, finally, I pushed my little beak through the shell. Carefully I pushed my way through and looked up to the children, who looked at me with big eyes. I must say, I was really a sweet little fellow with my tousled, fluffy soft brown plumage.

Awakened by the sounds, Josef and Maria Falkensteiner joined in and also looked down on me in amazement. “Look what we found!” cried the children excitedly. “A falcon!” exclaimed father Joseph in amazement, while mother Mary took me carefully in her hand and stroked my head gently. I liked the Falkensteiner family immediately. Full of enthusiasm the children told the story of how they had found me and looked after me for days. “You did a good job!” Maria praised the children and gave them a proud smile. “What are we going to do with the little fellow?” asked father Joseph and scratched his head broodingly. At that moment, I was so nervous that my little heart was beating excitedly. The children’s pairs of eyes also looked pleadingly at both parents. They both laughed and finally mother Mary said: “Well, we’ll keep him, of course! A feeling tells me it’s no coincidence that a little falcon of all birds has found its way to us Falkensteiners.” Phew, I was relieved! Now I had a real home, a lovely family and many friends to play with. “But then he also needs a name,” father Josef threw in. After a short moment, the children shouted loudly and with shining eyes: “FALKY!” Oh yes, I liked the name, so I started to squeak cheerfully.

So it happened that from then on I was called “Falky” by everyone and I grew up in the house of the Falkensteiner family to be the big, plush and admittedly sometimes a bit clumsy, falcon you know today. Year after year, more and more children and their families came to the house in Ehrenburg to romp around, play and cuddle with me. I loved this time! Soon the old parents’ house became too small though and so the Falkensteiner family decided to turn their small guesthouse into a big, beautiful hotel, which is known now as the Falkensteiner Hotel Lido Ehrenburgerhof.

When I finally grew up, the desire to see more of the world and to travel grew in me. Because as a peregrine falcon the desire to travel is in my blood, so to speak. In the meantime my family, who had given me a loving home as a chick, had opened more hotels and so my wish to travel the world came true. Every year I visit the children in the Falkensteiner Family Hotels. Because for me there is nothing more beautiful in the world than to look into the shining eyes of the many children and experience lots of adventures with them.