If you’re still looking forward to vacation somewhere sunny this year or if you’re already thinking about your plans for 2020, not only will you find some great early bird deals, but will also find the perfect inspiration for the best Instagram motifs of the summer.

In this post, however, we’ve put together some of the best photo motifs for your Instagram feed this fall to help you and your followers take in all of the facets of the colourful season.

Let’s get started!


Halloween isn’t far off and pumpkins and pumpkin spice are popping up all over. So why not devote an Instagram post to them?

Tip: Speaking of colourful, who says pumpkins always have to be orange? At the farmer’s market, pumpkins, squash and gourds come in every colour imaginable, so be creative in your arrangement.


How could our list be complete without the leaves turning and dropping? Whether on the ground or on a “green” wall, this is a must for your Instagram feed this fall.

Tip: If you’re not that big on selfies, put the changing colours at the centre of your photo composition. And, if you’re taking fashion shots of your shoes, the ground covered in colourful leaves makes an ideal background.

3. Mystic Cities

Whether Prague, Venice, or Bratislava, a city trip in fall has its very own magic.

Tip: Don’t be afraid of bad weather! With the right clothes, the weather won’t affect you and the rain can make for very special lighting moods and motifs.


Speaking of rain, it’s essential for this photo idea! After the next downpour, grab your phone (and your boots) and start shooting.

Tip: you can’t go wrong with black and white shots here, but with a few spots of colour (like on your shoes), your pictures will be even more exciting.

5. The Roads Less Travelled

Always go the extra mile; you’ll definitely be rewarded with an impressive photo.

Tip: Sometimes the most beautiful stretches aren’t all that far away, so pay close attention to your surroundings on your next walk. In any case, choose a less travelled route and pay attention to the traffic!

6. Stay warm and carry on

Here you are allowed to put yourself at the centre of attention, more precisely you and your winter cap! By the way, it’s an accessory (and photo idea!) that looks very good on men, too!

Tip: when choosing caps, go for colourful accents! An absolute eye-catcher, especially when it’s dark outside.


Apples are not just many people’s favourite fruit, they’re in season now and just perfect for Instagramming.

Tip: Not just a nice photo idea, but also a great thing to do on the weekend with the kids or your partner. Picking apples is twice as enjoyable, both out in the orchard and, of course, when eating!



That’s it, our 7 picks for the best Instagram motifs for fall!
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