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With summer 2021 now over, it’s time to take stock and tell you about some of the experiences we’ve had for you in Calabria. In this case, we offer you a small guide to shopping and nightlife in places easily accessible from our Falkensteiner Club Funimation Garden Calabria, where we spent so many days during the beautiful season just past.

When one speaks of Calabria, one inevitably thinks of its spectacular Mediterranean landscapes, between sea and mountains, of a history rooted in a remote and interesting past, of intriguing and delicious food and wine, which today boasts interesting wines and dishes that some of the youngest chefs are bringing to a state-of-the-art level of evolution. The cultural scene in Calabria is in great ferment.

But when it comes to shopping and nightlife, what are the most intriguing situations and places to discover? As with any tourist resort, the names are often well known to most people, but Calabria offers interesting ideas on how to enjoy this type of experience. For example, if shopping in the traditional sense of the word is enough to go to the big centers to find the shops that are everywhere, to live a truly Calabrian experience we would suggest alternative shopping, made up of all those things that you can take back home and that keep your holiday habits alive for a short time. So, just outside our resort guests can buy flowers in large quantities and of all kinds, as there are several of the largest nurseries in Europe! And in the prosperous plain where the hotel is located, you can also buy exotic fruit and vegetables of the highest quality directly from the producers, which grow as tasty as anywhere else in Calabria. Between Tropea onions and local chili peppers, there are certainly products that can be stored for a long time. There are also many wine producers in the Lamezia Terme plain, just as the area behind the resort is renowned for the same reason. Small and large wineries receive visits and have shops stocked with their best bottles.

In nearby Pizzo Calabro, a trip to the harbor is a must, especially in the morning when the fishermen return with their boats and the freshly caught fish can be purchased directly from the harbor: this famous resort is famous for its tuna, as well as the truffle ice cream which, alas, is very difficult to take with you. The same can be said about fish in Scilla, a beautiful town on the Straits of Messina where Chianalea is a real fishing village. It is worth visiting both for the beauty of the place and for the fish. Swordfish is the king here!

For tourist shopping, Pizzo Calabro and Tropea are certainly highly recommended. In addition to typical products, to which we must add the inevitable ‘nduja, there are souvenirs and local artifacts, as well as local essences and perfumes.

And let’s stay in the two Tyrrhenian towns for the nightlife. In Pizzo Calabro, it is lovely to visit the old town center with its narrow, picturesque alleyways reminiscent of a casbah at night. Among the many little restaurants where you can enjoy fresh fish cooked in a local way and the little shops, it is a must to visit the little square at least once, sitting in one of the many bars to taste the Tartufo di Pizzo, famous local ice cream with a unique flavor suitable for adults and children. In Pizzo, the summer is teeming with evenings organized by the local administration with concerts and activities of various kinds to be monitored on local information sites. And between Pizzo and Vibo, there are many structures that organize evening events where the watchword is: have fun!


In Tropea every evening you will find tourists from all over the world! The atmosphere is international, and you are spoilt for choice with aperitifs, dancing, and restaurants of all kinds. There are many opportunities here to dance and meet new people, as well as to stroll and enjoy the experiences proposed by the local administration in the ‘Estate Tropeana‘ which runs from June to September. There are important festivals in July and August, such as the bluefish and red onion festivals. In September and October, the ‘Tropea Blues‘ event is held regularly, with many bands of the genre entertaining an expert audience. Among the religious events not to be missed is the procession of the Madonna dell’Isola, which takes place at sea on 15 August.

Well, Calabria also offers a lot to see and do to those who decide to visit it. This article – which obviously does not pretend to exhaust every argument on the subject – is intended as a useful guide for those who want to visit the most famous places in a fantastic region.

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