Road trip on Krk – once around the island

Feelgood music, sunbeams through the windscreen and cool breeze in your hair – these are definitely my favourite ingredients for a great road trip. Today there is NEWS from the golden island again, the last one was about water sports around Punat and the island of Krk – today the landlubbers get their money’s worth and become part of a road trip around the island. Okay, the route is not really round, but that is because you cannot always and everywhere drive along the coast. You can see the route in detail under this link and you can drive it yourself in this or another variation. Let’s go! 🚗 Wait a moment before you actually start: Have you thought of good road trip music? We have something here for you and your ears!

The stations at a glance:

Punat – baska – Vrbnik – BISERUJKA SPILJA – OMSisalj – njivice – glavotok – krk – punAT

First Stop – BASKA

From Punat, it takes about 20 minutes to Baska in the southeast of the island. As you can see on the map, the route is unfortunately not along the coast – there is no good road there. Now to the town itself: Like some other towns, Baska has a beautiful old town, which simply invites you to stroll through. A must is definitely the beach Vela Plaza – light turquoise water and a fine pebble beach are already waiting there for a jump into the cool water.

next stop – Vrbnik

We continue towards Vrbnik – the small coastal town, situated on a rock, is known above all for its charming old town, the narrowest street in the world and its culinary richness. While you are there, you should definitely try the local wine Zlahtina – but please don’t drink too much, because don’t drink and drive. ✌️ In addition to the culinary part, Vrbnik is also called the cradle of Croatian literature – so again a place with a great cultural heritage and therefore a must for a stopover.

3RD Stop – Biserujka Spilja

If one is already in this part of the island, a short side trip to the “pearl cave” that is located there is worthwhile, as its name is translated – the stalactite cave extends to more than 100 metres and is located approximately 12 metres under the ground, thus it is in any case always nice and cool down there. Not only the cave itself is impressive, but also the 30 or so species of animals that live down there. In addition to numerous bats, 🦇 there is also an extremely rare species of crab – the 5-millimetre long Alpioniscus Christiani only occurs in this cave. In addition to the different animal species, there are also a number of legends, one says that somewhere in the cave there is still an undiscovered treasure of an old smuggler – well, then you treasure hunters, let’s go!

4th stop – omisalj

From the cave back on the road, we follow the D102 towards Omisalj. The small coastal town in the northwest of the island is one of the oldest towns of Krk. The winding, stony and above all narrow streets of the old town centre is a special beauty – the cultural & historical heritage of the Romans is still clearly visible here.

In the Lapidarium, a collection of stone monuments, you can get a particularly good insight into the history of Omisalj and its development.

5th Stop – Njivice

Not far from Omisalj you can find Njivice – houses directly on the sea coast and small fishing boats everywhere shape the picture of the small village on the west coast. Here, a pleasant walk along the coast is worthwhile – virtually beach hopping – including coffee in one of the nice beach bars that are spread along the coast – definitely an optimal place for a cosy afternoon coffee or a little snack in between.

6th Stop – Glavotok

And soon the lap is over, the penultimate stop will be in Glavotok – a small village that again brings a lot of Croatian history. In the past, it was mainly monks who lived there, who among other things opened the first printing house on the island in the 19th century.

Even though Glavotok is only a small village, it is definitely worth a visit with its bays, the Franciscan monastery and St. Mary’s church.

7th Stop – KRK – The City

Yes, Krk is not only the name of the peninsula but also a harbour city in which one can once again comfortably stroll through the old town. Numerous restaurants and traditional “Konobas” offer here an insight into the world of good taste. The port is also the starting point for a number of boat trips to the surrounding bays & islands – if you have a little more time, the peninsula of Prniba is worth a visit. There is a several kilometre long coastal paths with breathtaking views and great beaches.

last stop – punat

From the town of Krk, we return to the starting point – Punat, one of the most famous marinas in the northern Adriatic. Besides being one of the most important nautical centres in Croatia, it is also the island centre of the olive tree. And if you still have energy left, you should definitely consider a trip to the island of Kosljun – in only 10 minutes from Punat you suddenly find yourself on the island of the Franciscan monastery and enjoy the peace and quiet around you.

And this is where our little road trip ends again – after a long day on the road, we arrive at the Falkensteiner Hotel Park Punat again, where you can have a nice final drink at the bar and relax and review the experiences and impressions of the day! Cheers! 🍷