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Slowly it can no longer be dismissed out of hand. Summer is coming to an end after all. Every year it is a painful realization when the nights become cooler, the days shorter and the climate harsher again. And with autumn, the painful feeling of wanderlust quickly returns. Actually amazing, because the last vacation days are not long ago and the summer things are not even ready winterized. The memories of the most beautiful time are actually still fresh. You can almost still feel the sand between your toes, smell the freshness of the forest and the taste of summer cooking is still almost on your tongue.

Most of the time you would like to pack your suitcase again to start a new adventure. Unfortunately, this is often not possible. Therefore, today there are 4 wonderful tips that help with wanderlust and wonderfully preserve the vacation feeling:

1) Look into other people’s kitchens

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. An old saying with almost unlimited validity. So when you feel the urge to travel, you simply cook your vacation onto your plate. Cookbooks and blogs offer almost unlimited inspiration. Italy today, France tomorrow, India next week. A travel plan for the palate that is hard to beat. That’s why spices and shelf-stable regional ingredients are always a super sustainable vacation souvenir. The smells and tastes are the best comforters for acute wanderlust!

For the kitchen pros among you, there is an extra challenge: Simply recreate your favorite dish from your last vacation to perfection – it may take a little while to get it right, but the sense of achievement is indescribable! For those of you who don’t like to cook: sometimes a drink can work wonders!

2) Revel in memories

If you already belong to the older generation, you still know one of the most beautiful vacation rituals ever: picking up photos. It is almost no longer comprehensible, but a whole vacation was usually documented on a film – so on 36 photos. If you wore the spending pants, it was sometimes 2. The processing after the vacation has then taken about a week until you finally held the snapshots in your hands. Nothing was as big as the excitement on the way to the photo store. And sometimes the disappointment afterward was too.

A tradition that was almost lost with digital cameras and camera phones. So the many memories and vacation pictures on the smartphone usually eke out a forgotten existence. So when you get the wanderlust, scroll through your vacation photos and have the best ones edited. A photo book or individual prints in a frame bring additional vacation feeling home. For all those who are squeamish about analog, there are also digital photo frames.


A good book is like a boundless journey. Because, unlike reality, in a good story you can travel anywhere. Past, future, outer space – you name it!

The best thing about good stories: they let us dream, stimulate our imagination and make us forget everything else. So also the wanderlust!

4) Plan

If all ropes break and the wanderlust becomes too big, then it is probably really time to tackle the next vacation. And as they say, anticipation is the best joy.
What begins with the creation of a mood board is actually a journey in itself. After all, planning a trip is the best thing you can do. You discover all kinds of new things and can be wonderfully inspired by travel guides and travelogues.

So when you’re feeling the urge to travel again, just give yourself over to our wonderful tips to the fullest. Because the unforgettable vacation moments make so many days in everyday life so much nicer. But if you can’t wait for winter, you can still find the current early bird bonus until the end of September – because then the early bird really catches the biggest worm 😉

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