Our Travel Bucket List 2019

In need of your daily dose of travel? Then we have got you covered! From now on we get to supply you with monthly contributions here on the blog all the way through 2019!
But who are “we” anyway? We are Vicky and Kathi from The Daily Dose. Together we launched our online magazine in the Summer of 2013, almost 6 years ago. The idea was to create a platform for young women like ourselves who are interested in all the beautiful things in life. With our content, we wanted to offer a short break from hectic everyday life and share our daily dose of inspiration. You can also find us both on our personal blogs “Bikinis & Passports” and “The Ketchem”.

As you can tell, blogging is – apart from the professional component – one of our biggest passions. But most of all, we love it when we can write about and share our many journeys. Through the site, we get to take our readers to exotic places, city trips or cool hotels – because our suitcases are repacked almost every week. Seriously! The journeys, the places and the people we get to know, the memories that we make – that is definitely one of the most beautiful aspects of our profession. When we are at home for two or three weeks at a time – in our case our home is beautiful Vienna – our fingers start to tingle, our travel fever gets the best of us and the next trip is quickly researched and planned. As far as this year goes, there are some booked trips on our agenda, as well as some destinations still on our bucket list. Although we travel so much, the world is big and we want to see as much of it as possible. That’s why today, we are sharing our “To 5 Travel Bucket List” for 2019 with you!

We were in Belgrade for the first time last year and honestly didn’t have too high expectations. Maybe we hadn’t done enough research about the city before, but all in all the Serbian capital really took us by surprise with it’s amazing restaurant and bar culture, beautifully preserved parts of old town, up-and-coming art districts, fantastic views and super easy to reach – the flight only takes a good hour from Vienna. Hotel of choice? The Falkensteiner Belgrade of course!

We’ve been to Italy many times before, but we’ve never made it to the beautiful Mediterranean island, which everyone is so enthusiastic about. That should definitely change this year. Because apart from the fact that the landscape is supposed to be dreamlike and the food mouthwatering good, there is also the Falkensteiner Capo Boi from the Premium Collection, on which we have had our travel-loving eye for a while. How is the saying? Italy has called and I (we) must go.

A few years ago we visited the Falkensteiner Resort in Stegersbach with our partners – to be more precise, it was one of our first trips together as a team – unaware of how many would follow. Therefore, the memories of the weekend are all the more special to us and since the resort has recently been completely redesigned, we definitely want to visit the great spa area again and add a few new memories!

We have this thing with Italy… Bella Italia stole our hearts. And if it’s just a weekend trip, the Adriatic is the place to be. In only a few hours by car you will have left the city behind and will find the sea in front of you. The Falkensteiner Jesolo, also from the Premium Collection, hosted Kathi and her husband shortly after the opening. The memories? A romantic trip to Venice, which is only about 40 minutes away, beautiful walks by the sea, a great view and mystical mornings in the fog – because in all honesty, in the low season we actually like the Adriatic coast best.

Montenegro, like Belgrade, was not really on our radar – until Vicky and her partner recently took a trip there. The pictures that were taken, and the wonderful landscape and culture, immediately made us want to go on a trip and we will certainly visit the country again. It’s a good thing that a new Falkensteiner Hotel will open in Montenegro this spring!

As you can see, we have a lot on our agenda this year and will be busy working our way through our travel bucket list – and hopefully during the course of the year we will be able to show you a few of the hotels from our own point of view and experience! We are so looking forward to this journey together – here on the Travitude blog as well as to the various destinations.