Online Alkaline Fasting Course as part of the training to become a fasting companion

Do you already know alkaline fasting, which is supposed to help you eat, enjoy, get full and relieve your body at the same time? Adriana Marchetti, General Manager at the Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming, has gained a lot of insight into this topic in the course of her ongoing training as a fasting guide, which she does not want to withhold from you. Read what it means to abstain from all foods that are metabolized acidically in the body and what it means to rebuild the body after the relief:

The Corona-related closures of the hotels until May 19, 2021 have affected me professionally and privately. Thus, the eagerly planned full fasting in the Curhaus had to take place “online” as part of my training as a fasting companion. However, we decided that the full fast would “only” be a base fast, so that we could better integrate it into our daily lives.

Already 1 week before the actual chamfering beginning with the discharge days was begun. Each day a supposedly unhealthy nourishing habit is omitted thereby. That is from the alcohol over the sweets, meat, coffee up to the milk products, the body like the spirit is prepared gradually for the chamfering time. Thereby the discharge days are co-decisive for the perseverance and the success of the chamfering cure.

Alkaline fasting is about eating only alkaline foods such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, sprouts, raw or cooked. Through this easily digestible food, the gastrointestinal tract can recover and the body “deacidifies” and frees itself from old burdens and the so-called slags.

In addition to the actual fasting, the focus for us was of course also on learning. So there were daily online seminars and workshops on acid-base balance, herbalism, fasting crises, fasting support measures, and an online cooking course on the program.

After 6 successful days of alkaline fasting, the build-up days followed. The build-up days are basically the relief days backward. So, everything that you have gradually left out, you can gradually add back. Provided that one would like to make everything again in such a way, as before chamfering. Here one or the other opportunity finds itself to separate from unpleasant habits. Even if this should not be the case, one should let it go consciously slowly with the build-up days, otherwise, the famous Jojo effect threatens.

My personal conclusion:

It’s been said, “In this day and age, you have to get more and more used to ONLINE.” Do you really HAVE to? There are things that are simply much nicer and more pleasant in a hotel. Even if I have to say that we participants have grown together as a community despite the purely online course, it is much nicer, especially when fasting, where you want peace and relaxation, if you are looked after, cared for, and pampered in a hotel. With this in mind, it is my intention to offer fasting weeks at the Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming starting in spring 2022, where you as a guest do not have to worry about anything but letting your body and mind find peace.