New year, new vacation! 4 reasons for New Year’s Eve at the hotel

“What are we actually doing for New Year’s Eve this year?” If this question comes up, it usually gets very quiet around the table. It’s too late for the little hut in the mountains that we’ve been talking about for years. Just skip it; no that’s somehow not possible either. So then probably again Raclette and lead pouring at home.

We would have there still another alternative: How would it be this year with a New Year’s Eve vacation! Whether a short trip to the warm or for a few days in the snowy mountains. Whether an elegant gala dinner or simply a cozy evening together. Can there be anything better than starting the new year with a vacation? 😉

And if you’re not quite convinced yet why exactly a hotel is a right place to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one, we’ve put together a few reasons for you here:

Arrive & enjoy

The last days of the year are often a busy time. Vouchers are redeemed, not-so-suitable Christmas gifts are exchanged and the last open items on the To-Do list are worked off. And then comes a big item, the preparation for New Year’s Eve. The apartment gets spruced up. There is shopping, snipping, cooking, and decorating. And at the last minute, you realize that you forgot the bread and didn’t get enough lucky charms for everyone.

Well, the lucky charm thing may not be solved, but for everything else, a New Year’s Eve vacation offers the perfect alternative. No shopping, no cooking, and no washing up. Just arrive, celebrate together, and be pampered.

Only a short way to bed

If you are not in the “lucky” situation of being the host on New Year’s Eve, many people wonder on the way to the party how they will get home again. If you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve in a hotel, this question can be answered quickly: simply get out the room key, open the door, and hit the hay.

The perfect hangover breakfast

New Year’s Eve evenings are often very long. People eat, laugh, dance, and drink a glass or two of champagne. A small hangover on the first morning of the new year is often not far away. While you struggle to get out of bed at home and search the fridge for a decent breakfast, you are greeted with a large breakfast buffet at the hotel. There is a wonderful smell of fresh coffee, some fruit and vegetables for the daily dose of vitamins, the egg dish for the stomach, and something sweet for the soul. This is a great way to start the new year.

And if the hangover is a bit bigger and the bed is cozy and warm, you just have to pick up the phone and breakfast will be delivered to your room.

Start the new year with a vacation

Travel once more this year. Recover from a stressful year and bring the old one to a relaxed close. That alone would be reason enough for a New Year’s Eve vacation.

But spending the turn of the year in a hotel also means starting the new year with a vacation. To be pampered, to experience something new, to put your feet up, to recharge your batteries, and to start the new year with wonderful memories.

If you are still not convinced, take a look here – these offers will surely help you! 😉