Leo and the Sun. Travel horoscope for 2021

Born between July 23 and August 23, Leo is a true summer child. Its planet is the sun and its element is fire, as fiery as the passion of the lion. Everyone knows the story of the king of the animal kingdom. He is stronger, faster, better than any other creature and fights for his throne with the iron rule. Competition is a foreign word and courage and prides are his credo.

Character – STRONG & LOYAL

Strengths and characteristics

Magnanimous and at the same time just, Leo goes through life. Due to his strong leadership charisma, he is perceived as powerful and creative. Strong-willed, he faces every task and does not accept failure. He rises to absolute top form when competition tries to dispute his place. Typical of his zodiac sign, he is competitive, energetic, and fearless. His strongest characteristic is his natural appearance because Leo knows what he has to offer and does not need to pretend. Passionate and yet willing to take risks, Leo likes to tackle things, because his devotion knows no bounds.
Nevertheless, deep inside the Leo is a purring kitten. His loved ones know him as warm, loyal, and above all kind. He is only too happy to show himself playful and open in the circle of his confidants.


Talking about his weaknesses is extremely difficult for Leo. If it were up to him, he would have none. This seems arrogant and arrogant to many. On the contrary, Leo would list his weaknesses as strengths, because according to his motto “I am and I will!” Leo stands up for his will in a dominant way. This makes him seem domineering and stubborn.
To enter into a discussion with a lion is like entering the lion’s den because he is highly incapable of criticism. His way of reasoning can be hurtful to some, but that is just his headstrong and direct nature. Leo simply does not mince words and likes to see himself as the center of his universe.

TOP Vacation resorts where lions can shine in full glory.

Lions are real summer children. Therefore, it is not surprising that they love the warmth and the sun. Individual trips are perfect for self-confident lions, so they have everything in hand and the travel companion, if she is not also a lion, can simply swim with the flow.


Rocky, rugged coastlines, crystal clear waters, and warm, sunny weather. With these attributes, lions are completely in their element. The self-confident Leo is fully in his element on this individual trip and enjoys discovering new worlds for himself. Although Leo is not averse to luxury, he still wants to enjoy his freedom. The lion also likes to satisfy his thirst for adventure at the campsite. But nobility obliges. Glamping must be in here in any case. Here, they are flexible and can leave at any time when there is something new to discover.


True lions, for example, feel right at home on safaris in Africa. If you want to round off such a vacation with sightseeing and wine tastings, you should definitely put trendy South Africa on your bucket list. The former advertising slogan of the tourism authority “The World in One Country” as well as today’s “Inspiring Diversity” sum it up very well. South Africa combines so incredibly many aspects that we all appreciate so much about traveling: scenic beauty, cultural diversity, amazing wildlife and flora, culinary highlights, year-round travel weather, and last but not least friendly and humorous people.


Lying in the sun on pristine beaches, hiking on lonely mountains, discovering ancient ruins… this is the perfect destination for the lion. This jewel of the Balkans – unlike its neighboring countries – has so far been spared from mass tourism, which is why Lion can surely look forward to some off-the-beaten-path experiences and plenty of authentic Albanian charm.

From numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites to impressive mountains and crystal clear waters along the Albanian Riviera, new adventures await the Lion adventurer at every turn, and contrary to reputation, it’s totally safe here.


Leo may sometimes seem arrogant and spoiled but is a faithful and loyal travel partner. With an Aries, the Leo plunges into the adventure of nightlife and Sagittarius lures him onto his luxury yacht. Together with Capricorn, he can go on the most exclusive shopping spree ever.