Kronplatz: On your spades – get set – go!

Most people only get to know a hotel once it’s all set and ready and they enjoy a holiday there as a guest. From greenfield to a finished building – we would like to introduce this other type of trip to you in our four-part blog series.

What has happened so far?

Since the ground-breaking ceremony on 25th July 2019, an incredible amount has happened on the construction site for our new Falkensteiner Hotel in Kronplatz. In July last year, excavation was only just getting into full swing; thousands of cubic metres of soil were removed so that we could get started with the shell construction.

What is really exciting about this project from an architectural point of view is that the hotel area is divided into four separate sections: we have a spring, summer, autumn and winter house. So you really can have holidays in every season. 🙂

Regardless of whether the sun is shining, the rain brings a mystical fog, or the snow makes one actually fancy taking that first downhill run: in order to be able to stick to the construction schedule, those on the construction site are always hard at work, no matter what the weather conditions outside are like.

In the meantime, all the shell structures of the individual sections have been completed, and our spring and autumn houses already have a roof over their heads.

Cables, cables and more cables

The next set of tradesmen are now working hard: plaster walls are being erected, electricians are laying miles of cables and ducts, and the building technicians are taking care of all kinds of pipes for water, sewage, heating, ventilation, and much more.

The finishing works in the building interiors are now gradually taking off, and somehow it is hard to believe that a brand new hotel in all its splendour will be opened here in just a few months. We are really looking forward enormously to soon having the pleasure of greeting you with a big #welcomehome! Until then, three more blog posts await you – let yourself be surprised!