Games to play on the beach and under the parasol

Resort Capo Boi

On 2 June, our Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi in Villasimius, Sardinia, reopens, and, remembering that wonderful private white sandy beach (a true corner of paradise), I couldn’t help thinking a little romantically about how summer holidays and beach life have evolved. From my parents’ stories, I know that in the 1950s the beaches were practically all free, just as free and natural was the way to enjoy a day at the beach. Bathing was the main activity for young and old. Out of the water, while girls spent time in the shade with their mothers, fathers and sons played and threw stones far and wide, bouncing them off the surface of the sea. From then to now, times have changed a lot. Today I see many young people spending time under the beach umbrella playing with their mobile phones, but also many others enjoying the many different activities that modern times have to offer, from stand-up paddleboarding to beach volleyball, to name but two. Times have also changed for parents, for whom, however, the classic evergreen games of puzzles and sudoku remain. In this article, we will analyze the best games to play on the beach and under the beach umbrella, from the great classics to the new ones.

Games under the beach umbrella

For grown-ups, as we have just said, puzzle magazines are always a must. What could be better than exercising the mind under the beach umbrella and in complete relaxation by finding the solutions to rebuses, completing crosswords, and matching Sudoku numbers? To stay in the world of the classics, there are cards, and in this case, I am thinking of solitaires or games that can also become real tournaments for single or double games with both Neapolitan and French cards. Then there are some small board games or, even better, those based exclusively on cards but which subject participants to quizzes that can be very entertaining.

For younger children, there are many activities that can be played. First of all, there is a long list of beach toys that can be a lot of fun: the bucket, scoop, and rake remain the games of everyone’s childhood memories. Who has not tried their hand at building a sandcastle at least once in their life? For those who specialize, there are even competitions that have become world-famous. Then there are bulldozers and trucks for little boys and all kinds of boards for little girls who want to try their hand at creating any shape with water and sand.

Other games that can be played for fun under the beach umbrella and that are suitable for all ages range from the classic names, things, and cities – you take out a letter and write words that start with that letter in each category, whoever adds up the most wins – to word chains – in which the first participant says a word and the second has to find another that starts with the last letter of the previous one, and so on.

Beach games

When the playing field becomes the beach, then there is something for all tastes and ages. Let’s leave aside water sports, which we have discussed at length in previous articles, and concentrate on what you can do on the sand. To start with the timeless games, I would immediately mention rackets and bowls: the former is very popular with young people, while the latter is the real passion of those who are a few years older. Who has never organized an Olympics? There are various disciplines, from obstacle courses, preparing the tracks well and keeping the sand wet, to swimming, to a mix of the two, running from the beach to the sea to reach a goal – for example, a buoy. The first one there wins!

If we want to move on to more contemporary terrain, all beaches are now equipped with beach volleyball courts, a discipline that has become increasingly popular and is now also conquering city centers. Many are lovers of this sport and on the beach, you can meet everything from beginners to champions. Another fun activity to do with friends is tug-of-war, which starts with mixed teams of boys and girls and always ends with a lot of laughs. And if the tug of war were a towel pulled between two groups, we could use it to play limbo with some music to keep the moment lively: whoever manages to bend the most wins. Finally, for the more tech-savvy, there are plenty of augmented reality games to download to your phone that can involve multiple participants and be great fun.

I would say that this roundup of activities to do under the umbrella or on the beach can end here because it is very rich in ideas. Do you have more to add? If so, please post them in the comments on the Facebook post on the Falkensteiner Hotel & Residences page!