Falkensteiner Destination Tips, Part 4: Sardinia: Pearl in the Western Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean offers holiday seekers a veritable smorgasbord of enchanting island worlds. In addition to the classic tourist destinations such as the Balearic Islands, which belong to Spain, or the Greek islands, Italy also has a lot up its sleeve when it comes to spectacular landscapes, dreamy beaches and varied islands – for example, picturesque Sardinia. The fourth part of our destination tips, therefore, revolves around the island to the west of the Italian mainland, which boasts around 2,000 kilometres of coastline and countless natural highlights and thus has something to offer for really every type of traveller. Once again responsible for the tips off the beaten track: Giulio Belsito, Communications Manager Italy in Milan at Falkensteiner.
Pure peace and nature – including a waterfall
The natural water basin Sa Buddidorgia is recommended to those seeking peace and quiet who want to relax in almost enchanted places: Nestled in dense forests typical of Mediterranean vegetation, tranquillity and the murmur of the Rio Sa Buddidorgia prevail:
“For hikers, there is nothing better than being accompanied by such a highlight along their route. You can find this natural beauty not far from the beaches of Villasimius and Costa Rei, in the municipality of Villaputzu, and excellent to reach on foot, on horseback or by mountain bike.” The pinnacle of beauty lies in the waterfalls of Rio Sa Buddidorgia. As this is a restricted military area which may not be entered, please pay attention to the signs on site.
“But you can approach the site via the path ‘Fosso del Frate’, in Sardinian ‘Su fossu de su para’. The area unfolds its full beauty after the rainy season, that is, in autumn or spring.”
The hidden beauty of the Silver Road
An impressive hiking route that follows an old miners’ path that once connected the eight silver mines in the Sarrabus area is the “Silver Road”, La via dell’argento. The entire route is lined with industrial archaeological remains.
“The name derives from the silver deposits in these mines; moreover, several minerals were discovered and classified for the first time in the mines of Sarrabus, and numerous samples from this region are kept in some of the most important natural museums in Italy. The municipalities involved in mining were Sinnai, Burcei and San Vito.” The route is not only important from a mining history point of view but is also very attractive because of the beauty of the area: “It winds along the Rio Ollastu, on the slopes of Monte Genis, until it reaches the confluence with the Rio Piccocca.
The emerald green of the Rio Ollasto, accompanied by the green forests of the mountain, makes this area magical and enchanting. Along the route, you can find ruins, houses and mule tracks that represent the historical routes and paths of the miners of the Sarrabus. An absolute recommendation!” *** An excellent starting point to discover the beauty of Sardinia is the Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi, the five-star Mediterranean paradise in the south of the island.
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