Cooling down in the heat

Summer is here. With all its force and its heat. Temperatures rise above 30 degrees and many people no longer feel well and melt away. The temperatures quickly affect concentration, sleep and health. To prevent this, we have collected 7 tips against the heat for you!
1) Keep the body hydrated
Sweating in the summer is usually considered a nuisance. However, sweat is necessary for the body to regulate its temperature. Drinking plenty of fluids makes the body’s work easier. Adults should drink at least two litres a day. Ideally, this should be spread evenly throughout the day. If you sweat a lot, you can drink twice as much. If you drink too little, you will get tired quickly, have a headache and, in extreme cases, a circulatory collapse. So it’s best to always have a water jug next to you 😉
2) Lukewarm drinks cool better
Speaking of drinking: an ice-cold drink is always tempting in summer, but unfortunately not sensible. Lukewarm or slightly chilled drinks quench your thirst better and do not put additional strain on your circulation. In addition to mineral or tap water, thin herbal teas and diluted fruit juices are suitable drinks. Sweet, high-calorie drinks such as lemonade and cola, alcoholic beverages, coffee and black tea are not suitable as thirst quenchers. Tip: A little lemon juice or mint in the water gives a fresh taste.
3) Properly ventilate the home and office
The afternoon hours are usually the hottest of the entire day. It is not advisable to be outside at this time. It is often cool and pleasant inside. To ensure that this is actually the case, it is advisable to ventilate your home or office at night and in the early morning hours. As soon as you notice that it is warmer outside than inside, close the windows. If the windows face south, roller shutters or blinds help to keep out the heat radiation. If they are installed outside, the effect is noticeably greater than inside.
Trick: If you don’t have blinds or shutters, take a piece of cloth, such as a thin towel, and place it over the window sash and clamp it when closing so that the window pane is covered from the outside. In the bedroom, the windows should also remain closed during the day. Ventilate the room thoroughly before going to bed. Even when temperatures are high, you should cover up and not sleep naked, otherwise, you risk catching a cold. Instead of a blanket, a thin sheet will do. Tip: Put your pyjamas in the freezer for a short time before going to bed – this works wonders!
4) Move the air in the room
A fan in the room cannot lower the temperature, but it helps to keep it moving. This way, sweat on the skin evaporates faster and cools the body. However, don’t direct the airflow directly at your neck and head, or you could catch another cold and cause muscle tension. It is best not to let the fan run permanently, but only from time to time.
5) Wear loose, airy clothing
Tight-fitting clothing does not allow air to reach the skin and dampens the cooling effect of sweating. Loose-fitting shirts and blouses, as well as loose-fitting trousers and skirts made of natural fibres such as linen, cotton or silk and in the light rather than dark colours, are better. In clothes that cover little skin, you not only risk getting sunburnt, but the sun also heats up the body more. Tip: A hat with a wide brim protects the head and face.
6) The hot water bottle trick
As great as summer is, it’s much easier to sleep when you have a little cooling down, like with a cold hot-water bottle. Fill the hot water bottle with cold water and put it in the freezer. Be careful not to fill the bottle completely, because the water expands during the freezing process and the container could burst or crack. Just before going to bed, take the hot water bottle out of the freezer and place it at your feet. You will see and feel how your body cools down and you can sleep wonderfully. The hot water bottle in summer is not a completely new trick, but it is still ingenious.
7) Use evaporative cooling
When water evaporates, cold is produced. This effect can be used in the (bedroom) if a large cloth is hung damp on a clothes horse. In the office, it is refreshing to occasionally spray a little water on the face and arms from a spray bottle stored in the refrigerator.
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