Capricorn: travel horoscope for the year 2022

The year 2022 is in the starting blocks and the anticipation of upcoming vacations is rising. In this article we would like to shed light on what the coming vacation year will bring for those born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn – after all, those born between December 22 and January 20 also make the calendrical start in the new year.

Let’s take a look at what 2022 has in store for traveling Capricorns and what they (and their fellow travelers) should consider when going on vacation.

It’s all a question of character

The Capricorn is characterized by a controlled character. Instead of exploring foreign (or familiar) cultures with a backpack, he likes to meticulously plan through future tasks – and this, of course, includes the upcoming vacation.

There are advantages to this: Although Capricorn may sometimes seem narrow-minded and dogged, he is said to be down-to-earth and responsible. This means both for him and for his fellow travelers that the vacation could not be better planned.

Another strength of Capricorn: He values consistency more than short-term success and meticulously weighs up where dangers could arise. Capricorns go through life purposefully and stand by their principles. So it is always worth having a Capricorn in your travel group 😉

A born tour guide?

What may be seen as a strength, on the one hand, may be perceived as a quirk by others: In his actions, the Capricorn sometimes appears authoritarian and controlling. This can lead to misunderstandings, especially when it comes to what the “perfect vacation” should look like.

Capricorns are also considered loners and aloof, which can make them seem distant. If you see yourself in the role of leading a group through the vacation, there could be disagreements accordingly – but if you like to be “guided” through the vacation, you have found a grateful recipient for this task in Capricorn.

The interpersonal

As in other aspects, Capricorn-borns appear conservative in their relationship with their intermediates: the Capricorn makes the same demands on his fellow men as he does on himself and has a soft spot for order and manners among his fellow travelers.

If you are looking for a party vacation with a full range of emotions, you will probably not find it with Capricorns as a travel partner: Showing emotions is difficult for Capricorns. This may seem to outsiders as a boring attribute, but it also shows how frugal the Capricorn actually is: If others are doing well, Capricorns feel confirmed and are satisfied.

Where to go with the Capricorn?

Italy: Although emotional turmoil and bluster are not his things: Capricorns appreciate an open exchange with the other person and this is hardly practiced anywhere as clearly as in Italy. If the resort then also offers a retreat as a refuge, the Capricorn is completely satisfied on vacation – the Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi is therefore the perfect vacation spot for him.

Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi

Slovakia: Down-to-earth, grounded, relaxed: The Capricorn can handle these conditions well. The Slovakian capital Bratislava, therefore, offers Capricorns perfect conditions for a pleasant vacation: cozy pubs, winding streets of the old town, and yet the possibility to turn up the action level when needed make the Danube metropolis a popular hotspot for the Capricorn.

Croatia: As a child of winter, the Capricorn is always happy when the sun shines. He feels even better when the surrounding nature can have an effect on him – and this works especially well in Croatia. Several great destinations await him on the Croatian Adriatic coast – from all-inclusive family entertainment and active offers to luxurious spa & wellness and camping.

Falkensteiner Hotel Prague

Falkensteiner Hotel Prague

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