Can camping really be premium?

What comes to mind when you think about camping? Probably a tent, sleeping bag, caravan, or a camping stove. There are probably not many that associate the word “premium” with camping. Is this even possible?

What does premium mean anyway?

Honestly: I think the term “premium” leaves quite a bit of room for interpretation. Therefore, every camper defines it a bit differently. For some, an upgraded mattress and a high-end tent can already raise their own experience to “premium level”. For ambitious campsite visitors, “premium” will probably entail various technical refinements around their own territory. Basically, it’s probably about raising the level of comfort beyond the usual in order to experience that premium feeling.

From this point of view, camping enthusiasts may well be able to raise their camping experience to a premium standard.

Camping is definitely in vogue. For some, the closeness to nature is attractive. However, there are usually also concerns about the possible loss of comfort, easy travel (with less luggage), and the like. So, what to do? Jump over your own shadow? Should you “take a risk” with your annual holiday or play it safe and book a hotel again?

How about glamping?

“Glamping” – admittedly a somewhat idiosyncratic term that should not describe anything but a combination of “glamorous” and “camping”. “Glampers” stay in luxurious safari tents with real beds, baths, and kitchens. Traditional campers would probably claim glamping has nothing to do with true camping. For many, however, it is the optimal way to kill two birds with one stone: a natural holiday with no loss of comfort. Premium camping is definitely possible – even for newcomers who are a bit reluctant towards the classic variant of camping holidays.


It is likely that there will be one or two questions. Is this really necessary?
I think that individual ideas about what makes a successful holiday –  and that’s what it’s basically about –  are as varied as the setups in front of mobile homes and caravans at the classic campsite.

From this perspective, glamping thus closes a gap that allows those interested a good introduction to near-natural accommodation. Of course, people unwilling to give up their (individually determined) level of necessary comfort will also be offered the option of travelling close to nature.