A Gemini rarely travels alone – travel horoscope for 2021

Here today, there tomorrow, somewhere else the day after tomorrow – this perfectly describes the never-resting life of the lively Gemini. Born between May 21 and June 21, he loves variety, is free, restless, and feels at home everywhere in the world. For this reason, you will never find him in one place for long, and especially never alone. He always seems to be on the lookout for new experiences, which is why it is often very difficult for him to define exactly what he wants and who he is.

Character traits of the twins


The typical Gemini is charming, sociable, and spontaneous. He has a special talent for communication, is inquisitive, and always has his finger on the pulse. The air star sign needs freedom and movement like others need the air to breathe. He enjoys the hustle and bustle and loves to make new contacts.


Anything that takes a long time quickly bores the Gemini. Thus, he often changes his beliefs, theories, and plans. The Gemini is restless, moody, and impatient. The zodiac sign is often said to have two faces. It is difficult for Gemini to show the profound, emotional side, which is why he is often mistakenly characterized as superficial.

4 travel destinations for the bright Gemini


The Bosporus strait between the continents of Europe and Asia is as restless as the city through which the straight stretches. The metropolis of millions stands for social gatherings, culinary highlights, and a cultural mix. Perfect for the adaptable twin!


The small Balkan state is ideal for getting to know the country and its people completely from A to Z during your vacation. Despite its small size, Montenegro can score with incredible diversity. Thus, the twin comes as an active vacationer, culture lover, and action junkie fully at his expense. The perfect starting point for all adventures and travel highlights offers the Falkensteiner Hotel Montenegro on the Adriatic coast.


London is the older lady among the world cities and is considered the largest, most exciting, and most expensive city in Western Europe. The twin also feels at home here, as the English capital is lively, modern, and traditional at the same time (the royals send their regards!).


Big, bigger, Tokyo. Life pulsates in Japan’s capital. With almost 38 million inhabitants, Tokyo is one of the largest metropolises in the world and offers an almost endless variety of leisure activities, Japanese cuisine, and colorful nightlife! Ideal criteria for an exciting Gemini trip!


The Gemini is open to everything and feels comfortable wherever things are hectic, exciting, and turbulent. The zodiac sign likes attention and enjoys the dynamics of large groups.
Whether long-distance travel or a short trip – the Gemini is spontaneous, flexible, and always looking for new adventures.