6 photo ideas for winter on Instagram

As with every season, we’d like to share our favourite photo inspirations with you this winter! Discover new perspectives with us, because this winter is going to be #instaworthy!

Through the window

From outside to inside or the other way round: play with the perspectives! This is how you create moments of longing in your photos or depict the cosy atmosphere of your home.

© ktnewms
© anajohnson
© cynthiadawson
© inna_ryzhko

From above…

…that’s where the photos are taken! We bet you haven’t photographed your little ones from this perspective yet. We’re in love with Meg Loeks’ photo creations on Instagram!

© ktnewms
© meg_nlo
© meg_nlo

Into the forest

A walk in the forest allows us to breathe, find peace, and gather new energy. In winter, the forest exudes magic all of its own, which is also reflected in our photos.

© anajohnson
© meg_nlo
© jacqueliiine.z

Between the blankets

Just lie down – wouldn’t we all like to do that more often? In 2021, we are consciously taking time for a slow morning or two. It doesn’t just look good in the photo, the deceleration is also good for the body and mind.

© berriesandpassion
© ivy_herz
© alexberlyn
© fraeulein_wunderwaffel

Into endless expanses

Our wanderlust is aroused, our desire for freedom is great and our wanderlust has taken hold. We still have to avoid large crowds, but the silence of nature and the seemingly boundless expanses of these picturesque landscapes cast a spell over us.

© _emma.and.co
© julian_rwl
© 1000thingsinaustria
© 1000thingsinaustria

With less

From interiors to one’s own wardrobe to the style of photography – the principle of “less is more” characterizes minimalism. The philosophy is: if you own less, you have more space to live in. Understandable, because just looking at these pictures makes us feel a bit lighter and freer. A good incentive for spring cleaning too! 🙂

© woodsandivory
© ahomejournal
© aniaharasimczuk
© baljarek

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