The art of laziness: series highlights for your hotel room

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Let’s discuss the most essential topic: being lazy. And what could be better than sitting in a cosy hotel room or on a comfy lounger in the spa area, putting your feet up and enjoying a great series? If you’re currently in a hotel or getting ready for a relaxing getaway, then you’ve come to the right place!

We present you with the ultimate series highlights for your hotel room & so you can enjoy your well-deserved downtime. This selection is perfect to keep you entertained, relaxed and maybe even laughing.


  • The Last Dance” If you’re a fan of basketball but also for those who aren’t 100% on the subject, you’ll love this docu-series about the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. Learn all about the legendary career of the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) and the challenges that lurked along the way to success.
  • Maid” This series is both touching and inspiring. Join a young mother as she breaks free from an abusive relationship and tries to put her life back together. “Maid” is a profound story of survival and strength.
  • Lupin“ the French crime drama series about a master thief named Assane Diop who is inspired by Arsène Lupin and carries out sophisticated heists while craving revenge for his late father. Gripping & surprising.


  • American Horror Story: Hotel” Okay, okay, this series may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you want to sleep soundly afterwards. But for those who are thrill seekers and have a taste for the supernatural, “American Horror Story: Hotel” is a must-see. It is set in a spooky hotel filled with secrets and scary stories.
  • The Bear – King of the Kitchen” The 2nd season of the hit series has just started and is a huge success just like the 1st season. Star chef Carmen “Carmy” has to take over his brother’s sandwich shop in Chicago after his brother dies. The saying “Communication is key” is made very clear here. Absolute Falkensteiner recommendation!
  • Welcome to Chippendales” Want something to get your pulse racing? Then check out the true story of the Chippendales. This docu-series reveals the dark and dangerous sides of the legendary Strip empire and offers a captivating mix of glamour and crime.


  • White Lotus”  When you’re holidaying in a fabulous hotel, it’s only appropriate to watch a series that’s also set in an exclusive resort. “White Lotus” gives you a biting and satirical take on high-end tourism that’s sure to make you smile.
  • Succession“ the drama series, deals with ruthless power struggles and intrigues within a wealthy media family & shows as they run their empire and fight to succeed the patriarchal head of the family.
  • The Last of Us” the television adaptation of the eponymous video game has created quite a bit of buzz. Pedro Pascal & Bella Ramsay show us in the series that family doesn’t always have to be blood-related. A gripping post-apocalyptic television series.
  • True Detective“ the crime series starring Matthew McConaughey in the first season. Each season has its own storyline. Season 1 explores complex crimes and the dark recesses of the human psyche.

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  • Ted Lasso” Need a dose of positive energy? “Ted Lasso” is the answer. This heartwarming comedy series follows an unconventional football coach who is sent to England to coach a football team even though he knows nothing about football. The optimistic spirit is infectious!
  • The Morning Show“ is a US drama series that explores the backstories and intrigue behind the scenes of a morning television news show and stars Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

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  • Sherlock” Baker Street is calling! Join Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson on their ingenious adventures. The combination of tricky cases, quirky characters and the brilliant intelligence of the master detective will keep you spellbound.
  • Die Discounter“ the German mockumentary series in the style of the classic “The Office” convinces with wit and the art of improvisation of the actors. The employees of a supermarket in Hamburg struggle with the struggles of daily supermarket life.

Whether you’re into thrills, laughs or deep stories, these series will turn your hotel room into a private movie screen. Grab a snack, sit back and enjoy some well-deserved downtime!