Summer in our hearts

Summer is slowly but surely saying goodbye to us and making way for golden autumn. The days are gradually getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping, at the same time, the well-deserved and painstakingly prepared summer tan is also fading! Unfortunately we can’t extend the summer, but that sun-kissed complexion can be preserved a little longer with a little help and a visit to our Acquapura SPA.


Prevention instead of aftercare: It is best to prepare your skin in advance for sunbathing. It would therefore be ideal to enjoy an extensive full body peeling beforehand. Only very gentle peelings should be used afterwards if you want to preserve the golden glow.

Moisture is the be-all and end-all: This should actually already be maintained during the tanning phase, but it is even more important to care for the skin afterwards with sufficient moisture. Oils such as those used in our AcquapuraSPAs for relaxing massages are particularly suitable for this purpose.


Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins: Pleasurable eating and drinking is not only an essential part of our philosophy, it can also support the body from the inside, meaning you can enjoy the summer tan from your last holiday for even longer. That means above all drinking a lot and ensuring you eat foods that are rich in vitamins. Carotene-containing foods such as carrots or red fruits, in particular, can make the result last longer.

Gentle cleaning: In the time after the holiday, facial cleansing with alcohol should be avoided. The gentler the cleansing, the better for the tan. Our experts at Acquapura SPA will be happy to advise you to find the right treatment.



Nature calls: Even if it is not quite as warm anymore, the days are getting shorter and the clothes longer, nothing helps as much as a little sunlight. So before you go for a well-deserved rest in the wellness area, apply some sun cream, pack well and enjoy the nature outside!