Small Sauna Guide – how to sweat properly

Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Bad Leonfelden

Especially now in winter, when the temperatures outside continue to drop further and further, the comforting warmth of a sauna is a real pleasure. In this article, we have summarized how to sweat best and what to pay attention to.

What are the benefits of taking a sauna?

The heat in the sauna relaxes our muscles and can therefore have a positive effect on many of the associated complaints. It also causes the pores of the skin to open, which, together with sweating, promotes the removal of excess sebum. The alternation between warm and cold, between taking a sauna and cooling down in fresh air, a cold shower, and a plunge pool also helps to strengthen the immune system. After a sauna session, the pores also close again, leaving the skin more evenly moisturized. Apart from that, the sauna also relaxes you mentally – it is a great place to switch off.


In principle, a sauna is recommended for everyone, but in some cases, a little more caution is required: Persons with circulation problems should approach the sauna only slowly, those suffering from cardiovascular diseases should consult their doctor about taking a sauna.

Also, if you have a cold, you should not go to the sauna, even though sweating is generally considered healthy and beneficial for the immune system. Once the immune system is weakened, as in the case of a cold, going to the sauna only puts additional strain on the body. In addition, there is the danger of infection for other people – so consideration is also required.

In most hotels, access to the sauna is only permitted from the age of 16. However, our Family Hotels also offer certain sauna times for families. The Falky Spas also have their own children’s saunas for kids from 4 years of age, with temperatures of max. 50°C.

What is the optimal procedure for taking a sauna?

First of all, it is important to plan enough time for taking a sauna. After all, relaxation should be the main focus, and several sessions are ideal to benefit from the advantages of your personal health. You should therefore plan on two hours of time in a row.

But now to the procedure – with what does it start?

First of all, you take a thorough shower before your first sauna session. Soap and shampoo, make-up should also be removed. After showering, no more care products should be applied so that the skin is cleaned as well as possible. However, it is important to dry yourself off thoroughly, because dry skin sweats faster than wet skin.

Choosing the right sauna

Beginners are best to choose a less hot sauna with 50 to 60°C and feel their way to the sauna experience on the lowest sweat benches. This is because the air on the uppermost benches is always the hottest as the heat rises.

No matter whether you are a first-time sauna visitor or one of the more experienced sauna-goers: listening to your own body is the most important thing! Not only the sauna experience but also the condition of the day plays an important role. If the heat gets too much for you, you should definitely finish your sauna session – ambition is out of place here.

Dress code

In most countries it is custom to sauna naked, so also in the vacation regions of the Falkensteiner hotels. Without a bathing suit, the body sweats more easily and besides is the naked Saunieren also more hygienically. When entering and leaving the sauna, you wrap yourself in a large sauna towel and spread it out underneath you as soon as you have found your place to sit or lie down. If possible, the entire space between you and the wood should be covered to absorb sweat.

In order not to allow a deep view, do not sit down too broadly and when lying down you can also put your leg facing the other person. If you meet people in the sauna who you would rather not have met, it is best to choose a place with a view in the same direction. In this way, you will not fall into the other person’s field of vision.

Bath slippers and jewelry are also taken off before going into the sauna, and the bathrobe must also wait outside. It makes sense to mark it so that you can reach for the right bathrobe after the sauna. In many hotels, there are special clips for this purpose.

During the sauna session

There is usually no talking in the sauna, staring or the exchange of intimacies are also out of place here.

A sauna session usually lasts 8-15 minutes, depending on personal feelings. As already mentioned, well-being should always be the main focus, regardless of measured times!

Infusions are made by trained sauna masters, only if it is explicitly stated may you make your own infusions.

Entering or leaving the sauna should never take place during an infusion, so it is best to check the advertised infusion times in advance.

Entering and leaving the sauna should always take place quickly to avoid heat escaping.

What comes next?

After taking a sauna, you should first cool down in the fresh air, because your body needs oxygen now. Only then you take a shower. Soaps are no longer necessary because sweat is water-soluble. However, a light peeling can also help to remove dead skin cells. Finally, immersion in a cold pool will additionally stimulate circulation. Afterward, it means resting. Wrapped in a soft bathrobe, you rest for 20-30 minutes before repeating the ritual with the next sauna session.

In total, you should plan 3 sauna sessions. Further sauna sessions beyond that have no additional positive effect on the body.

For the sake of your circulation, no more sports should be done after the sauna, so it is better to plan sports activities before. However, a subsequent massage can promote a relaxing effect.

May I eat before the sauna?

Yes and no – ideally you should not go to the sauna with an empty or full stomach. If the last meal was too long ago, a small snack before is definitely okay. In the spa areas of the Falkensteiner Hotels, fruit and nuts are therefore available for free.

And what about drinking?

Before taking a sauna, it is important to drink enough fluids. Water, tea, and diluted fruit juices are ideal. After the last sauna session, you should remember to drink a lot, as your body has lost some of its fluids.

It is better to avoid alcohol, already the evening before. Otherwise, in addition to problems with the circulation, unpleasant exhalations in the sauna can also occur.

Taking a sauna in times of COVID-19: Is that even possible?

A legitimate question, after all a sauna is spatially limited and closed. Since the situation is constantly changing and regulations vary from country to country, you will always find the latest information about the coronavirus collected here.