Golf meets Yoga

The two have more in common than you think… There is nothing more beautiful than standing at the tee early in the morning to make the first tee shot at sunrise, while others greet the sun on the yoga mat – both have their magic and above all many things in common: Breathing is steady, the mind is focused and you are in the moment. Both require balance, strength and flexibility – you see, there are parallels.


Both work without the other, but in combination, they are an unbeatable team! The positive effects of regular yoga practice are no longer a secret. More and more competitive athletes swear by it, and Tiger Woods has long since discovered the benefits of the Indian teachings for himself. Simply because yoga is much more than just breathing, elaborate contortions and incense. It promotes our body holistically and can be adapted to every need.

Swap golf clubs for a mat?

No way! Improve your handicap through yoga! With the right asanas, you strengthen your muscles, improve your coordination and consolidate your mental strength. Improve your swing! Rotation plays a role in both yoga and golf. Rotations of the spine are the order of the day in the latter – regular yoga makes them even smoother. More precision on the tee and a more powerful performance on the course.

Golf is above all a matter of the head

Anyone and everyone who has already faced this challenging sport and felt this unconditional love-hate relationship knows that success in golf is not only dependent on stroke technique and physical conditions. If the balls don’t fly far enough, land in the rough or miss the hole by a hair’s breadth when putting, it’s incredibly difficult to stay calm and concentrated when you’d actually rather sink your club into the pond. In order to develop emotionally as a golfer, mental training is important and this is where yoga comes into play: it helps to focus, release tension and be in the moment when teeing off. It also improves concentration and encourages focused thinking.

Being one with iron and ball

By consciously noticing one’s own breath in yoga, it can also be actively controlled and deepened in golf. Tensions in the chest area are released as if by magic, flexibility increases and the abdominal muscles relax. All of this is beneficial for golf and has a positive effect on the required swing force when teeing off. In addition, you can better block out your surroundings and concentrate only on your iron and the ball – after all, that’s what it’s all about!

Our 4 favourite yoga videos for golfers

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a specific golf yoga session to improve your performance on the golf course. You can try videos by Marcel Clementi, for example, or other yogis you like. 😊
Well, have you got the urge for yoga and/or golf now? Then take a look at our Falkensteiner inspiration pages. Here you will find all the information about our daily yoga sessions, yoga retreats, golf taster courses and golf holidays. Try it out and let the positive effects convince you!