From a traditional spa to a modern wellness hotel and anti-stress programme

To span the arc from the traditional spa hotel to modern wellness resort with a medically founded anti-stress programme for our fast-moving times is a task to which General Manager, Reinhard Wall, and his team devote themselves with a lot of energy and experience.

I was excited and was able to enjoy an introduction to the new relaxation program Breathe & Recharge – Lower your Stress Level Quickly and in a targeted manner”. After a few hectic weeks in both my main job and in my “2nd full-time job” as I like to call my job as a blogger, my time out at the Falkensteiner Grand MedSpa Marienbad was more than called for!

From the very beginning I was impressed by the beautiful neoclassical architectural style in Marienbad – I had hardly arrived and I couldn’t stop taking photos because in soft yellow and white, the Falkensteiner has a very special charm.

There are two ways I can best switch off:

Either I get some wellness and beauty treatments, such as an extensive full body massage with wonderful aromatic oils, or I head out into a natural environment! Be it a leisurely stroll, an exhausting run on my favourite routes or on a beautiful hike in my Bavarian homeland.

All of these and more form part of the medically based anti-stress programme developed by the specialised SPA team.

The SPA area is beautifully designed and offers an extremely extensive programme of wellness and beauty treatments, massages and various medical applications.


Our De-Stress Introductory Programme included Ai Chi Aquatherapy (exercises in water similar to Qigong) and a dry CO2 bath and aromatic oil healing bath from the Alexandra Spring with free carbon dioxide (you feel a pleasant tingling sensation on the skin!) and iron for a rosy skin.


My personal highlight and recommendation? Forest bathing, also called Shinrin Yoku. What at first sounds rather wacky and esoteric is in reality a return to nature. I live in the beautiful southern Upper Bavarian countryside near the Austrian border. Surrounded by mountains, meadows and forests, I love and enjoy nature.

Nevertheless, forest bathing under the expert guidance of the wonderful Falkenstein employee Lucia is a very special experience! To experience the forest (just behind the hotel) with all my senses, to perceive, smell and feel it, and to take several hours of my time doing so, was also a lasting experience for me, which I won’t forget so quickly!

I am currently reporting on my stay at the Falkensteiner Gran MedSpa Marienbad on my blog