Four days of pure relaxation

Just get out of town, that was our goal. Four days of relaxation were needed. Open the suitcase, bikini in, close the suitcase. We went to the Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden to get the weight of the daily routine off our shoulders. After our arrival, we soon realised that we couldn’t have chosen a better address.

Our plan for the days was just not to have one. Good plan, I think, and we stuck to it completely. Waking up in the morning, sweating through a round in the (very respectable) fitness room, going to the ballroom for breakfast and thinking about what the day should bring over a wonderful cup of cappuccino – this is luxury for us.

But first to the rooms and the hotel itself. I found the building insanely fascinating. This combination of old (but beautifully renovated) castle and ultra-modern new building is exactly to my taste. They have managed to stay true to the tradition of the original building but still create a modern, welcoming environment.

In the castle itself there are a small number of beautiful, classically furnished rooms. I found the tower room including a round bed, which we were able to see during an extensive hotel tour, particularly interesting. The modern extension houses most of the suites offered by the hotel. This included our very spacious room with the fantastic view of the rose garden, the castle and the lake.

At this point I also have to say a word about our bathroom. After the bed, the bathroom in hotels is always most important for me. In theory, I would be happy with a small and simple room, as long as the bathroom is great. The room had in fact already won me over,  but the bathroom still surpassed everything. I shall just say, panorama bathtub, rain shower, glass washbasin and a marble floor – it is not only my inner Instagram-ego cheering here.

For me, the Wellness & Spa experience of our stay began in my own bathroom (as my enthusiasm above shows), but the large spa area on the ground floor of the hotel was a step, a very big step, up. I would have loved to go into the beautiful relaxation room with a direct view of Lake Wörthersee every day, straight after breakfast, and keep myself in a great mood all day long with reading, sleeping, swimming and taking a sauna. But the weather was much too nice not to get at least some sunshine before we started lazing around.

Apropos lazing around – we did a really good job of this during our short break. Switching off immediately in the very tasteful spa area of the hotel doesn’t involve any skill. In the relaxation area, there is something very calming about looking beyond your toes and seeing the bubbling pool and the quiet lake directly behind it.

Quite rightly, we agreed two appointments as soon as we arrived at the Spa reception:
a facial treatment for me, followed by two hours for two in the private spa. The facial was lovely, I can tell you. They worked with high-quality products and I felt very well taken care of by the beautician who treated me. Above all, she worked very well with my skin and tried to get the best out of it.

The two hours for two in the private spa followed immediately after my facial treatment. The area is surprisingly generous and really beautifully furnished. Right at the entrance we were greeted with a bottle of Prosecco and a plate of chocolate fruits, which was very exciting because I was really hungry after so much wellness by that time. We enjoyed the time to the fullest and didn’t miss out on any of the facilities including the sauna, the steam bath and our own small pool.

As far as the sauna is concerned, it was not only the private spa that won me over. Even the general sauna area is not bad at all. Here (as in the other Falkensteiner hotels we have been to so far) there is something for everyone, from lukewarm to sweaty hot, from deliciously aromatic to neutral. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to walk through the different relaxation rooms in the sauna area. I have the feeling that particular attention was paid to detail here.

At this point, I would like to pay a very big compliment to the staff of the hotel. From the warm lady at the reception to the nice gentleman who helped us with the luggage and the obliging young waiter at the breakfast buffet who already knew that it should be pancakes with maple syrup. Real friendliness can be felt throughout the hotel and this contributes to creating a a successful environment. And now there’s another round of self-advertising. I would like to refer you to my own page where you can see a video of our stay. I filmed continually and also, beyond the hotel, showed possibilities for spending time in Velden and the surroundings. A detailed tour through our room and other rooms could of course not be left out.

You can probably guess what my conclusion will be. Positive, more positive, most positive. We just couldn’t have imagined four better days of relaxation. Every wish was read from our lips. We will definitely be back again and wish all those who are now taking their time out at the Schlosshotel Velden a wonderful time!